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  1. I want a 27. My fiance has one I got her, and I want one for my EDC. I'm going to just buy a black one and paint it, my hangup right now is:

    Gen 3, or Gen 4? Which do you guys prefer and why? Are there any major differences? I have had both in my shop multiple times, but don't ever stop to really look at them I'm too busy lol.
  2. Happysniper1

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    I have a G30 and a G26, both Gen3.

    The G30 has always given me some issues with grip comfort after about a hundred rounds or so.

    Wish I had a Gen4 instead. Maybe you might find them comfortable as well.

  3. Ghost23

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    I'd say go with the Gen 4 just because you can adjust the grip width.
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  5. GAgal

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    I have a gen 3 G19 and a gen 4 G26. I like the gen 4 in the subcompact size because I can get a better grip since it's quite a bit shorter.
  6. I love my Gen3 26 with the grip extension. I will probably FDE, polish, and sell the 26 when I get the 27.