its down to the 19 and 23.

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by Ghost23, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Ghost23

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    Both gen4, of course, since I'm a lefty. Pros and cons, anyone?
  2. You probably already know this. With the 23 you could get the conversion 40/9 barrel for $100 to shoot cheaper at the range. Other than that nothing. Both are the same exact frame size so one won't feel any different from the other. It basically boils down to how many bullets do you want to carry.....13+1 or 15+1.

    I have nothing else on the matter between those two. Of course you'll most likely have the bigger is better responses coming shortly.

    I no longer shoot or carry a .40.

  3. Webphisher

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    I love my 19. Much cheaper to shoot, and since i shoot once a week i need it. Then again with the barrel you can shoot both. Given that you're coming from a 29 the .40 might be more to you're liking as the 9 may feel like you're shooting a .22 and not be as fun.
  4. brutusvk

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    What Mike P said ^

    Also, not sure about where you are but 19s are hard to come by right now. But the 23s could be on short supply too. I was told prepare to be patient waiting for my 32.
  5. The 19's locally have been in very short supply for weeks around here. As soon as any LGS gets a couple in{if they do} they are gone immediately. I've been trying to score yet another 19 for a while. I don't want to put my name on any waiting list. The local GT Distributors said they didn't expect any until June or later. Can't speak on the 23's since my interest in 40's is at an all time low.
  6. Ghost23

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    I want to say that I'm leaning towards the 23 because I can get a .357 barrel and still use the same mags. But then again, the 9 is much cheaper. I'm so torn haha
  7. The 357 sig ammo is almost nonexistent around here and when you do find it......just hand them your right arm. The economics of a 357 sig just don't add up for me.
  8. Ghost23

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    It's everywhere in SC. That's the only reason why I'm considering it
  9. KeenansGarage

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    19s and 23s are fairly rare now adays. Seems everyone will see you a full size, but finding a compact is rather difficult.

    I prefer the 19 because just like Mike, I don't have any use for a .40 (and I like 15+1 :D).
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    With the 23 you can shoot 40 obviously and get a 357 barrel. (ammo is not had to find on the net and super cheap to reload). Plus you can get a 9mm conversion barrel and a G19 barrel and can shoot all three. Winning! (Charlie Sheen voice)
  11. Ghost23

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    That was my thoughts. But I don't want to have to buy different mags for it. I'm cheap. Haha
  12. PeacefulWarrior

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    Love my 19 & despite the people who talk about bigger caliber... will never regret my decision. Ammo is 'cheap' and abundant. Having no experience with any other Glock, that's all I can say!
  13. :confused: If that's the case why consider the .357 sig option or .40 for that matter? Do you actually shoot much or just every so often? .40's add up $$ real quick to.
  14. Ghost23

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    Probably 200-300 rounds a month, on average. But coming from the 10mm, .40 is a ton cheaper.
  15. I buy .40s from cabelas for $15 a box which are the herters aluminum casing!! I did buy the 9mm conversion barrel!!
  16. Ghost23

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    I can get .40 for $17 a box where I go to shoot, and that's brass casing. And .357 for $19 a box.
  17. Walmart...Federal 9mm, box of 100 $19. Winchester WB 100 count, $20-24.;)
  18. Ghost23

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    Hmmmm... this may have just turned the tables. Haha
  19. Ghost23

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    The only thing about the 9mm I can say is I've seen too many 9mm victims that lived when I worked at the hospital.
  20. Dead and stopped threat are two different categories. I think I can safely speak for most by saying in the event of having to protect ones self......shooting to stop the threat far out ways shoot to kill. It does for me but if the assailant dies in the process, so be it. I'll deal with it later.