It was a GOOD, albiet LONG day....

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by dwcfastrice, Jul 21, 2012.

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    This morning started with a 7:15 arrival and partial cleanup at French Creek State Park (PA SGL #43). Got the "Black Bear" back from the gun smith and got the scope sighted in.

    50 yds:

    100yds (let my buddies try it too):


    Drove home, then met my shooting buddies at Shady Maple Buffet- if you're ever in the Lancaster, PA area, go there. Good, old fashioned buffet food, that actually tastes good.

    From there, drove 1.5 hours to the ABE area to meet up with RROSS to talk about the PA Meet and Greet and to shoot at the local gun club he's a member of. This place is SWEEET!

    I don't have any pictures of that, but we spent 3 hours at the range with his lovely wife and his 2 great kids having a good old time. I'm sure he'll post pictures.

    Had dinner and drove an hour home.

    Long day, but any day I get to shoot is a good day.


  2. So how did the bolt handle of the "Black Bear" fair today? I'm assuming you fixed the problem.

  3. dwcfastrice

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    Pretty close.

    Don't want to jinx it by saying "it's fixed". ;)

    ONe final test if I have time tomorrow and i'll update the "black bear" thread with updated pics, etc.

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    Those kind of days are the best sometimes! Lots of memories.