Is this worth buying?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by DevilDawg235, May 20, 2012.

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  2. Angry_Dave

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    I have one.. I have alot of fun with it, its a good little gun for the price. its a little bit too plasticy feeling but its worth it for a fun 22 plinker

  3. looks fun, but it says it is not available.
  4. GlockIt

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    Handled one but never shot it. Felt cheap and plasticy but heard they run good.
  5. >>cheap and plasticy

    They said the same thing about GLOCK in the early 90's LOL
  6. Happysniper1

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    Personally, I would not.

    I would instead save my money and buy a real AR-15, and a .22LR conversion kit for it.
  7. chilly613

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    I agree with Sniper, but if you're dead set, get the M&P 15-22, everything functions like on an AR.
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    first of all, CTD is a vile company no true gun enthusiast should ever buy from, and second a friend has one and they are kinda cheap, but go band every time and are fairly accurate for plinking.
  10. Danzig

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    EvilD what's with CTD?
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    Do a good search, but from my perspective, they won't ship completely legal guns, ammo, or accesories to NY, MA, CA, HI, IL etc... because of their ignorance/laziness, they led teh price gouge when Barry was elected, their customer service is non existent
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  12. Danzig

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    I've been shopping there since they were a little hole in the wall store. I agree they participate in some price gouging but most gun retailers are also doing it. Years past they really were cheaper than dirt. While it has changed they still have some great deals. I think exploiting political panic is one of their marketing methods. Not unlike NRA solicitation. Try to find a Keltec shotgun on the internet for sale they're priced upwards of triple the MSRP from most retailers. As far as not selling to certain states, they probably don't want to deal with those states and cities legality restrictions.
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    I stopped buy from CTD when they were price gouging, but other than that, I've had no problems. Their customer service has only given me one issue; the rest of the time their service has been great.

    As for the Mossberg, I think it's the one that's only ARish...normal AR accessories/parts won't fit it, where they will on the M&P22 & others.