Is this a G24 G34 or what

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by bhale187, Apr 5, 2012.

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    It's a 24. You aren't confused....they are.


  3. I am not seeing a G24 on the Glock product line...with it being a .40 S&W, I have to say it appears to me to be a G35 (competition .40 S&W)
  4. The image shown may not accurately represent the actual item. Please read the item description and specifications before ordering.
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    A G35 has a 5.32" barrel, that one says it is a 6.02" which is what the G24 had. I sent them an email, awaiting response. That's a pretty good price for a NIB G24, especially since the G24 is apparently discontinued.
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    G24 is apparently discountinued, it was the 40cal version of the G17L. A little longer than the 34 and 35 models

    I fat finger mistyped in the original thread title, should have wrote 'Is this a G24 G35 or what'
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    PI2430103 is the G24.

    As far as I know the G17L and G24 are still being made, but they only make a batch like every two or three years.
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    I didn't realize that. I saw they are not on the US Glock website anymore and a local Glock dealer told me they haven't made any since the Gen4 came out, and that they aren't making any more. We all know how reliable info from local dealers can be though.
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    You could call Glock and ask them when they plan to make another run of them, or if they've been discontinued.
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    If they were on the blue label discount I probably would do that :D

    I've spent too much on impulse buys the last couple months, need to use some self control for awhile to build the gun fund back up :eek:
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    I would get a Gen4 G34 before I buy a 17L. The G34 is only $480 (LEO pricing) compared to the 17L $650 (LEO pricing).
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    The 17L I'd also disqualified from IDPA if that matters.