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tacticalshooter52 said:
Black Wolf, that makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm not an expert, however I fail to see how adding a few ounces to a combat vetted weapon system is going to make any difference whatsoever. Am I missing something here? If so you better tell those infantry guys to quit hangin all that stuff off there weapons!
He cannot explain it further because he's guessing here.

So I'll guess too. The reason the older generation Glocks don't come with light rails is because there wasn't a demand for them back in the day.

If you used a bench vice to hold the bottom of the trigger guard, would it fire? It better. So why should anything added to the frame make a difference if it doesn't touch the slide? It shouldn't.

All the frame should have to do is provide a stabile platform for the slide to operate upon. If weight distribution made a difference, wouldn't the change in weight from a full to an empty magazine be much greater than a plastic light? What about shooting. 33 rd mag?
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