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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by TyFerris, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. TyFerris

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    okay im sure this has been talked about before but i couldnt find anything on the matter. my question is it a Gen4 worth the extra money... ill go one step more and say im purchasing a Glock 27 for CCW... i plan on shooting at least 100 rounds a month threw this gun. it will not be a competition gun or anything like that. i just didnt know if what im using it for if i would need the larger mag release, back strap, texture, and different spring system. however i do plan on setting it up to shoot .357sig, 9mm, and possibly .22. i didnt know if the gen4 is easier to do this with or not. input would be great. thanks guys
  2. jimmyalbrecht

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    It is really personal preference. Go shoot both to get a comparison. The sub compacts both have the double recoil spring (Gen 3 and Gen 4). Do you like the gen 4 texture, larger mag release?

  3. Ghost23

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    Honestly my 23 gen4 cost less than my 29sf gen3.
  4. j102

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    You need to feel them by yourself.
    All my guns are Gen3.
    I don't like the grip texture on the Gen4.
    I don't like the new "gray" color of the slide.
    But, you can get a Gen4 and put one of those grip things on it.
  5. CCSir

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    I didn't think it was necessary when I purchased my 26. Not that I dislike the G4's just that the G3's fit my hand great, so I wasn't concerned about changing out grip plates. To each their own. If ya dig it go for it! It will be worth it. If a G3 feels good then I wouldn't see the need.

  6. runman

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    Best to put both in you hand and see what feels best. If you're left handed there is probably a benefit with the Gen 4. Also consider how many mags you want to have on hand. Gen 4 comes with three, but only two with a Gen 3. If you plan to buy extra mags your initial cost will about come out equal. Either one is an excellent firearm so you can't go wrong. Or buy both!
  7. bfish

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    I bought a 27 last winter and I went gen 4. I believe it was $30 more than the gen 3 and it came with an extra mag so it was a no brainer for me
  8. I personally like the texture of the grips on the Gen 3 more then I do the Gen 4 and I don't need the adjustable backstraps since I ran the Gen 4 G26 I had "as is" out of the box and it felt ok, not small enough to warrant putting one of the other backstraps on it.
    The double spring guide rods are nice but not 100% necessary although if you get a Sub-Compact(26,27,29,30,33,39) you'll get one anyway.
    If you have to pay more for a Gen 4 then I'd just say go with the Gen 3 but if they were the same price then flip a coin, they're both good guns IMHO.
  9. TyFerris

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    TNFrank thanks for your input. one of the main deciding factors was going to be the springs... im new to the glock thing and didnt know the subcompact gen3 already had them... AWESOME input thank you. the price is about $65.00 difference
  10. havik72

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    I agree here. The grip texture is too heavy on the G4's. This was the main reason I went with the G3.
  11. Dan75719

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    As a few others have said, it is really a personal preference. For me it was not worth the extra money. I actually prefer the gen3 mainly because of the texture of the grip. Hold/shoot them both to see what feels better.