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    Hello to all my fellow Glock enthusiasts! My name is Bill and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I've been shooting Glocks since 1992 when I bought a G21. Since then I've owned a G27 (which I took to Front Sight for their 4 day handgun course), a G30, and a G23, which is my carry weapon. I've had a CCW here in NV since 1996. I'm retired from the USAF (Viet Nam vet)and have worked the last 22 years as a communications dispatch supervisor for the City of Las Vegas, dispatching for two separate marshal units. I've been shooting pistols since about 1970 (just before going to Nam) and, IMHO, Glocks are the best handgun, for the money, on the market today. I am looking forward to reading all of the comments and sharing experiences with everyone.

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    CLVCCS368 Welcome! Thanks for your service! Enjoy the forum.

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    BTW Bill, we have a special section for Military and LEO if you would like to be a part just PM HAVASU and he will hook you up!
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    Welcome CLVCCS368, from Northern Nevada.
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    Welcome again Bill! I'm so glad you are here. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!

    ...and for your service to our country we are forever grateful !!
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    Hello CLVCCS368 , and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Thank you for your service to our Country, and we are glad you have joined!


    (from Washoe County)
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    welcome to the forum! Ty for the service
  9. Welcome to the forum "CLVCCS368" ... ;)