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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by mhenslee, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. mhenslee

    mhenslee Pastor Matt Henslee

    Good morning from the Texas Hill Country. My name is Matt and I'm a pastor of a small church out here and am in the process of selecting and purchasing a gun to conceal pretty much at all times. I'm leaning towards the 43 because I will also be carrying it when out running. I'll be perusing this site for recommendations, but should you like to recommend something directly, feel free to respond this.

    I particularly looking for the best holster to have when dressed and mostly standing. I'll have a coat on, well on Sundays, but typically am tucked in all the time.

    The other need I have is a poster designed especially for running. I have a hard enough time running these need to make it harder with a hole in my leg! :)

    I've read where the 42 was a bit finicky with bullets, how's the 43? Pretty much anything a go? Where's the best place to purchase them?
  2. gen-admission

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    Welcome to GF, Pastor Matt :)
    I don't have much experience w/ the G43 ( personally I like the trigger on my Kahr P9 for my easy to carry rig) I like iwb carry using foxx holsters.
    >>I also carry 1911, P229, G19, and am always wanting a G21sf, and a sig nightmare but that's another conversation<<
    I'm orig. from TX (near Abilene)
    I hope to see you around. :)
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  3. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    Welcome Pastor and God Bless !!!

    The Glock 43 is an excellent pistol. My son has one and it functions and carries really great. Another Glock to look at is the model 26. There are a lot of other good pistols on the market these days. If you can try to rent one and shoot before buying.

    Holster wise I highly recommend . Been using them for over 15 years now. They make both leather and kydex so take a look around ther site.

    For running or any activity that produces a lot of sweat I just wear a belt pack, also called a fanny pack. Found out the hard way that my sweat will even corrode a Glock. I have been using The Escort, made by Galco, for 20 years and it works out very well. Bill
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  4. tangy003

    tangy003 Member

    Welcome, I have the 42 and 43. Neither one is finicky to any ammo I've fed them yet. Going to carry while out running, I'd probably lean towards the 42 ad it's just a tiny bit smaller.
  5. HoustonB77

    HoustonB77 New Member

    Hello from anther Texan. The 43 is a great pistol. I have also owned the 42 and regret selling it. The 42 for me was just small enough for me to pocket carry but the 43 for me is a IWB. I would look at white hat holsters with the Vclips. They are a Texas company and with the V-clips your setup will be almost invisible with a tucked in shirt. My job requires that I where slacks and a tucked in shirt 6 days a week. This option has worked out great for me. Do you have your CHL? If not you need to get it before you start carrying. I generally buy my guns at my local gun store but you can pick them up at any local Academy. You can also make the trip to Cabelas or Bass Pro. God Bless.
  6. Che

    Che Member

    Welcome Pastor Matt,

    I have been carrying concealed since 1981. At church we hug everyone, I carried by pistol in OWB holster on my right hip. So I cover my pistol with my right elbow and just do the one arm hug thing with the left arm. No one knows I am armed.
  7. jhelper

    jhelper Active Member

    Sounds like the G43 is what you need Pastor, for all your needs, I own 2 of them, my dad shot one of mine and went straight to our local gunship and got one, luckily they only had 1 left, so if you see one get it, it will fit all your needs you described above, I love mine, I own a lot of Global cvs, they only one I carry now is the 43. God Bless You
  8. slug204

    slug204 New Member

    42 with civil defense ammo and a wright predator holster for small and compact,please don't forget that spare mag. Check the specs on the ammo its outstanding
  9. Audioph1x

    Audioph1x Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Pastor Matt. The G43 fits the bill nicely. Check out Whitehat holsters for IWB carry. For running, you may want to try something like a belly band, pocket holster, or even just a kydex trigger guard. You'll have a drawer full of holsters before it's all said and done!
  10. mhenslee

    mhenslee Pastor Matt Henslee

    Thanks, y'all, for the responses...I don't know how to directly respond to each of you, nor do I want to spam everyone's accounts by attempting to do so! But I appreciate the feedback (and the welcomes). I'm going shooting with a member of our church that's a policeman tomorrow and will try out several that he has, but I was really impressed with the feel of the 43 and it seems to accomplish everything I'm after. I've looked up the holsters y'all recommended and will check 'em out. As for the CHL, the next class closest to us will be on the 3rd Monday this month. Can't come soon enough!
  11. mhenslee

    mhenslee Pastor Matt Henslee

    One more question...

    I've heard commercials about gun owner insurance in the event of needing to use it for self-defense...any recommendations on that?
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    A most hearty welcome Matt. I wish I could comment on the 43 but other than fondling I'm waiting to win one on a raffle :D

    You would probably get a kick out of the St Nicholas Church sign. I can't find it but maybe another member knows where it is.
  13. bargeahead

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