Intro and Trigger enhancement help for G26

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jadaly01, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I just bought my 1st glock. The trigger pull is nice and smooth until the last bit right before it breaks, it's a little spongey. I dont want a lighter trigger pull all the way through, but to smooth out the last bit.

    Someone told me that I can use a microfiber cloth and some metal polish to polish one of the steel parts above the mag (I don't know what that part is called), and that it would smooth the trigger pull.

    What do y'all recommend?
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    Shoot first and let it break in. Then decide if you want to mess with the trigger. Unless its already broken in.

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    If you decide to polish it here is a Good video. There are tons of them on youtube!
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    Hello, JaDaly01, and WELCOME!

    Moved your thread to Introductions, so others can welcome you as well.

    About your question, is the gun brand new or just new to you? Like anything else, a Glock needs a breakin period, and after this, the action will feel somewhat different.

    Please tell us more.

  5. There is a reason I throw in the $0.25 cent job for free when polishing slides and barrels.......because it is pointless. When people ask me to only do that, I charge shipping and try to talk them out of it.

    Literally, it's a placebo. It won't do a damn thing, but in your brain you will think it did. If you like the rest of the pull I would suggest a heavier spring with a lighter connector.
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    Thanks to all.

    I just brought this used from a pawn shop, and it's obviously only been shot a few times (I'm guessing less than 300 rounds). There was still some of the gold colored factory grease on the slide. Perhaps I should just wait till I've put 500 rounds down the pipe and see how it breaks in before I think about modding the trigger (which will be awhile as I'm a college kid on a budget). that's what I seem to be getting from some of you
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  7. If you want me to polish it I will, just send it in with $5 for S&H but it really isn't that beneficial. It takes a good 2500 rounds to "wear" the contact points, but I don't think it's going to solve what you are having issue with because that isn't going to wear.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum jadaly01 !!
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    WElcome from Florida. Id just get the lighter trigger and cal it a day.
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    Welcome to the forum!!!