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    Since I am using Verizon and really unhappy with the download speed, I called the reps and they want us to spend an additional $50 per month to get the optimum performance. This seems silly, and I would like to know what others are using, and are you happy with what you have?
  2. Yes that dose sound like they want more money out of you. That's why when ever I get on the internet it is on a computer.

    Edit: Sorry, I read Verizon and thought you were on a mobile phone (since a lot of people are) but I get cable/cable internet threw AT&T.
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    Verizon on my smartphone is the best service i have ever had. I use Centurylink at home and am about to go back to Cox. Centurylink is abysmal!
  4. RRoss

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    I have RCN and I have upload speeds of about 10-15Mbps. This has served me well considering I am constantly uploading full-res images for my photography business, and updating my website all while my wife is playing games, watching videos, and on FB. Only had it lag once.
    Maybe call them an ask about a faster upload speed or business package, this can speed up your connection. Also, are you primarily using wifi or a desktop/ hardwired? This will make a serious difference is your speed.
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    I have Verizon on my iPhone. No issues with download speed.
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    I have a newer laptop on a wireless router and my upload/download speed is about 27mbps/27mbps. The g/f has an older wired desktop computer, and her upload/download speed is 11mbps/11mbps. Maybe getting her a faster computer will help? All she plays is games (Pogo especially) and when she is on it, it completely sucks the speed out of my computer!
  7. iamthedood

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    COX for internet ( no issues for the most part) & digital cable, verizon for mobile ( best in this area )
  8. RRoss

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    That does sound like the connection speed. Might want to invest in a new router as well. N routers are dropping in price and they are less affected by multiple devices drawing on bandwidth
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    I am curious....your g/f has a wired desktop that connects at 11mbps?

    The slowest of desktops will connect to the router at 100mbps. Unless there is a problem with the router.

    And speaking of routers, if you get a router that allows for bandwidth management, you can restrict wired or wireless bandwidth independent of each other.
  10. havasu

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    We just called Verizon support and put both of our computers through the speed test ( and was appalled at the slow speed. He is sending us a new router via UPS (exactly why I hate Verizon!) and after setting it up, we have been asked to call them again and retest.
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    Well, there ya go!


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    We have had cox my whole life... Never had a problem with it.
  13. dwcfastrice

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    How old is the laptop?

    Update all the drivers and the BIOS if you can (be careful with that). I'd start with the drivers.

    Sounds like the NIC (network card) is operating at throttled speed. Could be a driver thing.

    Are you using Verizon DSL?

    If you can, go with a cable modem from your cable company. Roughly the same price, but much faster.
    Although in this case, part of it seems like GF's hardware may be an issue.

  14. havasu

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  15. KeenansGarage

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    We have wireless Verizon internet. It's a little flat black thing with its own phone number. It does pretty good. What I like about it is that I can take it WHEREVER I want to go. As long as I have decent cell phone service, then I have wireless internet.

    I still think cable internet is faster...
  16. My AT&T modem is wireless. All you need is a flash drive looking thing (wifi adapter I think is what it is call) and you can take a lap top all threw the house with no problems. I all so have a pass code on my network to make it a secured single so no one can tap into my internet connection an make my connection run slower.
  17. dwcfastrice

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    Ok so your laptop is about 5 years old but her desktop is about 15 years old? I'm disconnecting somewhere along the line here. If her computer hardware is definitely 15 years old and that's the machine you're having issues with, it's the NIC card. It's probabaly a 10 mbps NIC and not a 10/100. It's time to get a her a new desktop. Microcenter has them for under $300.

    What brand/model is it? Most major brands have a website dedicated to driver updates. Download and run, that's about it.

    Overall, does the computer run OK. Again, referring to the G/Fs computer since that seems like the one you were referring to in your clarification post. You COULD, if you can find one, drop in a faster NIC (network interface card) into the computer. It's fairly easy if you're mechanically minded. ONly 1 set of slots and one direction that the card can install that has a faster throughput for data.

    Realistically though, a new computer is the way to go.

    DSL is the SLOWEST internet connection you can have outside of dial up. If you can, get rid of DSL. It has no impact on whether or not you can sit in your living room in front of your Tv to surf. That is controlled by your wireless router. Pogo, popcap, etc. all the flash and shockwave games are pretty bandwidth intensive when it comes to loading times.

    DSL basically runs on some of the unused copper wiring on phone lines. The through put is very poor.

    The next fastest connection speed would be through cable. If you have cable TV now, bundling internet would be more cost effective. I used to have verizon dsl. When I compared the throughput, it was half the numbers of the slowest cable connection through Comcast. I cancelled my Dish (didn't watch it anyway) and went with basic basic cable (local and 1 cable chanel) with 2nd speed tier of cable internet. COst me the same as Verizon's slow DSL.

    You can also see if you have FIOS in your area. It's buku $$ but it's fiber optic so it operates at the speed of light (literally).

    Again, all of these options can hook into a wireless router which will enable you to surf from anywhere in your house so no need to worry about that.

    At any rate, you can PM me if you have specific questions or we can continue the discussion here. This is what I do for a living ("systems engineer").

    Based on the symptoms you have listed here i'd:
    #1. Replace her computer
    #2. move your internet acces to cable. Dump verizon DSL.

  18. havasu

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    Great information dwcfastrice. A new router should be here today and we will do some tests afterwards. If the results are sub-par, we will be headed off and picking up a new computer for her today.
  19. dwcfastrice

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    Cool. Good luck.

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