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  1. jimmyalbrecht

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    So who here has an interesting job? I am a youth minister and a full-time student, so nothing too interesting, but it is fun nonetheless.
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    I retired from the DoD after 32 1/2 years of service...4 years this April...

    after getting an "early out" offer from my agency...I jumped at the chance !!

    Traveled all over the country while doing my job too...can count on one hand the number of states I haven't been to.

    ( and Alaska & Hawaii are not two of them )

    Livin' the Dream now...
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  3. Angry_Dave

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    I'm a bouncer in a bar, I've seen some of the craziest things in the last five years. That place is my own little social experiment.
  4. jimmyalbrecht

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    That does sound like an interesting job on both parts haha. My fiance's dad was a fireman (Fire/EMS combined in this small town) so he got called out to every crazy thing that happened. He told me he saw some pretty crazy stuff there. Dave, are you allowed to carry while working as a bouncer?
  5. EvilD

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    I'm a nurse, I can tell stories all day long..
  6. KeenansGarage

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    I am a Wildlife Biologist working for the USDA. I work with everything from farm ponds and wetland determinations to pine timber management.

    My dad once told me, "do whatever you want, just make sure you enjoy it!"
    I can honestly say I love going to work every day. It is not work to me, it is fun!
  7. Happysniper1

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    Being in the Air Force for a while got me started in computers (back in '83, when IBM was first coming out with the Personal Computer, and Apples were made of wood). Was, at one time or another, a programmer, network consultant, teacher, systems analyst and efficiency expert on distributed systems. Since coming to America I have been in IT with a medical facility, a company specalizing in gambling machines, and a petroleum wholesaler with multiple retail outlets as well, and then a casino chain. On the side I became an NRA certified instructor and CCW instructor in my jurisdiction. All this while raising 2 girls and taking car of the wife, who is a nurse.

    Currently, I think I have a very interesting and exciting job. Can't talk about it. Nuts.
  8. Happysniper1

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    My Dad's version: "if you are going to do a job, make damned sure you are the best at it!"
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  9. That would be a fun job to have.

    I am a draftsman for a local metal building company. Been doing for about 14 years now. Got started on it when I was in high school and been at it every since.
  10. jimmyalbrecht

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    These all sounds like awesome jobs guys. They aren't the typical cookie-cutter jobs, and I like that. Believe it or not ministry is a very interesting job haha.
  11. After my time in the Navy as a technician on radar display consoles, I went to school and earned my Computer Engineering degree.

    After graduation I went to work for a defense contractor testing the International Space Station flight software.

    A few years later got a promotion and started to design, develop, integrate, document and now test a new audio and video processing system for the ISS. I'm the functional lead for that and interface with users, ground system developers, integration testers and NASA customers on a daily basis.

    When I was developing the video software, I got paid to watch movies all day long (used a DVD as the analog source) as I tested and improved the system.

    My system uses industry standards for network broadcasting of the audio and video data, so I became a 'video expert', which is fun.

    However, lately:
  12. While I don't consider myself a religious person, I do believe working to help people can be rewarding regardless of the faith-relationship with the work. Those jobs just never pay a lot, so you really have to be dedicated or you will burn out.
  13. jimmyalbrecht

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    That, plus you really do meet some interesting characters haha. From drug addicts to murderers, it really is a rewarding job though.
  14. Webphisher

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    Live in care giver and freelance photographer here. Would love more photog gigs and less live in care giver though lol.
  15. I work for a mortgage servicing company as an escrow analysis rep. Pretty much smaller banks that can't handle their portfolio of mortgages pay us to do all the research/collection/customer service. I am the ******* that reviews loans everyday to see if a new analysis is needed on loans based on payments increasing or decreasing.
  16. thisdudepaul

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    I work at a freight forwarding company. We ship stuff around the world. Seen everything being shipped out from cars to ammo and everything in between.
  17. jimmyalbrecht

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    Awesome! You should get discounts on the products you ship or something haha.
  18. thisdudepaul

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    Some of my co-workers get good rates from airlines we frequently use but i don't travel much so I haven't reaped the benefits. Haha. As far as the products go, some customers give us free stuff, but I don't want to be "that guy" who asks for free stuff.
  19. jimmyalbrecht

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    I have no problem being "that guy" when the economy isn't going to well haha. But I mean if you feel the need to donate some of those good rates on airline tickets, I have a brother in NY I haven't seen in 3 years lol.
  20. Trotac

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    Narcotics investigator by day (sort of) and gear maker by (very late) night. On one hand I work with some of the most interesting bad guys (have you talked to a meth head lately?) and on the other I get to work with some of the most interesting good guys in the world. It never ceases to humble me when I get a phone call or email stating something to the effect of "hey I bumped into a guy in Iraq that wearing some of your gear... How can I get some?"