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    Hello.. I am a 4-H shooting sports instructor., and also an NRA instructor. I Like all pistols.. and I do have a Glock 19.. And a Raven holster. I also shoot Sigs.. and both have their merits. I am hoping to enjoy Reading here. .
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    Welcome, it' been interesting and informative for me so far;)

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Zecpull !!

    Always good to have an instructor on board to help new shooters here on the forum...
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    Welcome, Zecpull, always a pleasure to greet a fellow instructor!

    Make your voice heard!
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    Welcome from sunny south Florida, the mecca of CCW!!
  6. If you're from Florida, why do you look cold in your avatar photo?!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Zecpull.
  8. Welcome to the Forum Zecpull!!!
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself!