Installed the Ghost 3.5 Ultimate and spring.

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  1. I got the Ghost 3.5 Ultimate connector and 6lb trigger spring installed in my G26G4 yesterday and this was the first time ive had my gun completely apart and couldn't believe how easy it was to install! I'm amazed that you can completely disassemble a Glock with nothing more than a 3/32" punch! What a great design! Easy and simple! I could tell a difference I the trigger pull just by dry firing and the trigger reset seems faster also! So, to the range this weekend to test it out! I'll let everyone know how it works!
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    Sounds Great! Considering doing this myself - looking forward to your review!

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    After shooting you will ask yourself
    "Why didn't I do this sooner"
    I have the Ghost Rocket and love it.
  4. I also have the Ghost rocket 3.5 and LOVE IT also!I installed the wolf 6lb striker spring I'm waiting on the 6lb trigger spring. The trigger job will be done then!It is amazing how easy it is to work on a Glock!I wish Sig and CZ were that easy to work on.I have been shooting 44yrs it was hard to buy my first plastic firearm.I wish I did not wait so long Glocks ROCK!!!!
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    Same here!!! I love my Rocket!
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    +1 on ease of disassembly!!! I disassembled mine for the first time last week following a utube video. I'm confident I could do it now without the video....
  7. Yes dry fire it man it just gets smoother and smoother. I like my Ultimate as well but I have all three springs!
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  8. Yeah, it was a breeze! I watched a couple YouTube videos as well, but I wanted to actually do it myself w/o watching the video step by step, so I did and it was so easy! So, go ahead and give it shot! Just a 3/32" punch is all you need!
  9. What all springs did u change? I changed the trigger spring.
  10. I changed the trigger,striker and safety plunger and man it's great I love a light trigger pull tho I'm prob right at 3.5 lbs pull with a glass break and nice reset!
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    Would you guys recommend the ultimate or the rocket? I have been curious to try a different spring weight because i tend to pull a little to the left with the stock spring and trigger. Do these make the trigger pull smoother, I've noticed on my Glocks it feels almost "gritty" like there is sand in my gun as I pull the trigger, and I know there isn't because I keep a clean Glock! Suggestions? Comments? :cool:
  12. Sounds like the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 drop in is what you want with the 6# trigger spring and if youwant the 3.5 lb pull use all three springs. And give it a try lots of good install vids on YouTube from the Glock store.
  13. I advise you to try this: strip apart your trigger assembly and soak all metal parts in Ballistol for 30 minutes. Then, lightly buff all metal parts with wire brush on Dremmel tool. Then, resoak in Ballistol for another 30 minutes or more. Wipe and reassemble. Kinda an upgrade to the $0.25glock trigger job.

    I did this to all my Glocks after installing and ultimately removing the Ghost Ultimate triggers when I had several unintentional double taps.
  14. Ballistol is the bomb for guns and lots more. Check it out on google. Stuff has been around forever. Hickok45 turned me on to it in his videos
  15. I also pondered if I should get the Ultimate or Rocket, so I went with the Ultimate mainly because the Rocket requires some minor fitting using either a file or Dremel. The Ulitimate is a really easy to install!
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    So do I get just the Ultimate connector or the springs as well? I am afraid to start "modifying" parts on my glock, I'm not the most handy person when it comes to working on small parts and I don't have a dremmel.....
  17. I went with the rocket. It has a faster reset and no overtravel at all! The rocket requires handfitting but with a dremel it took 5 mins .I went to the range today I LOVE IT!
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    I put one of those on my 19. Pulls right through the crack in the release of the trigger that used to be there. You can still feel the tension but no more hard release. Awesome!
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    I got my G26 G4 about 3 months ago. The first thing I did was all the custom polishing I could do. Among these was the .25 cent trigger job. Yes you can use the Dremel to speed things up but all you really need is a good polish and some Qtips. Once disassembled it'll take you about 15 mins and believe me it is WELL WORTH THE TIME. Here's the video I followed:
  20. How light of a trigger do you want? Is it a carry gun? Is it a range gun? The Ultimate connector alone will take away the stock crappy pull but be somewhat mushy add the 6# trigger spring for better reset or all of them for a true 3.5 trigger. And then range test for any problems if any mine runs flawless put oil on mine as well when I assembled it and Militec-1 grease on the rails.
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