In January, we here at Glock Forum brought you the story of Connersville, Indiana police Chief David Counceller. Counceller, as you may remember, suffered (and we do mean suffered in the form of a bullet hole) from an accidental discharge when his Glock 23 fired upon reholstering in Wulff\'s Gun Shop, a local gun store.

At the time, the town\'s mayor blamed the Glock\'s lack of an external safety (other than the safe action trigger) on the discharge.

Well, it appears there is something of an update to the story.

And the culprit is now a drawstring.

This picture, taken from the gun store\'s surveillance camera, captures the moment of the accidental discharge. Note the look on the clerk\'s face. Photo credit: The Indy Channel.

According to a story posted Thursday by the Indy Channel, the chief is laying the blame on the drawstring of his fleece jacket.

\"If I go on the side of the trigger ... it\'s not going to go off,\" Counceller said. \"Your whole finger has to be in here to push this little lever, so to speak, down on the lever to go.\"

On the day of the shooting, Counceller\'s hands were not on the trigger, but his fleece jacket\'s drawstring found its way into his holster.

\"When pulling up on that jacket, this thing comes up, basically hits the safety and fired,\" he said.

Based on the store video, an internal police investigation concluded that the jacket\'s drawstring \"caused the weapon to fire.\"

Has this happened before?

Now before you start throwing rocks at the Chief here. This is a known issue-- and it\'s not just happening to Glocks.

In 2012 at a law enforcement range, an officer with a SIG P229 and a DAK trigger accidentally shot himself in the leg while reholstering due to a drawstring on his jacket.

From that report:

\"After having fired several rounds during the course of fire, the officer was in the process of holstering when the pistol discharged through the open portion of the bottom of the holster. The round entered the outside of the right upper calf and exited the outside of the lower calf and was stopped by the ground (grass/dirt surface). The round did not strike any bone or the ankle or foot. There was not excessive bleeding and it was later found that there was no serious nerve damage. The officer is expected to make a full recovery.

Once first aid was rendered and EMT\'s had arrived at the scene, an examination of the pistol in the holster revealed that the trigger was depressed to the rear of the trigger guard (see photograph). A plastic cylinder-shaped draw cord adjuster attached to the wet weather jacket the officer was wearing was lodged against the front of the trigger. The plastic draw cord adjuster had become caught inside of the trigger guard during the holstering of the pistol. \"

Going even further back, in 2007, well known gunwriter Massad Ayoob wrote in The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery the following :

The advice given by Chris Costa and the Magpul gang since 2010 : They recommend cutting them off if you have them on your jacket.

It\'s a one in a million chance, but we have 300+ million folks in the US of A.

Now back to Chief Dave in Indiana.

According to the Indy Channel, Counceller is planning to begin an awareness campaigns over the next few days.

\"I don\'t want to see nobody go through what I did because I don\'t want to see anybody get hurt or killed by something that\'s so simple as combining jackets with these,\" Counceller said.

He also doesn\'t intend to sue Glock.

Watch out for those drawstrings my friends.

Get your crap out of the way, and then reholster...carefully. It\'s never a race to reholster.