Increase at gun shows post Colorado massacre?

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  1. I was planning on attending the upcoming Florida Suncoast Gun Show here in Tampa this August 4 & 5 for the past 3 months, however; in light of the recent Colorado mass murders & subsequent gun control rhetoric I'm expecting not only an increase in attendence but also in prices. Has anyone else noticed this in their neck of the woods yet?
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  2. santhony

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    Not yet. I went to a show last weekend here in charlotte and the glock prices were great. Wish I would have waited to purchase my 27, I could have saved about 80 bucks at the show.

  3. ScottyBiddle

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    I went to a bill goodmans show here in south western Ohio and prices weren't jacked up but damn if there wasn't 3 times the amount of people that were there last month.
  4. TheKraken

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    I went to the Gun Show last weekend here in Oklahoma City and the Glock prices were still pretty good.
    So I didn't see any increases in prices so far.
  5. gladesbassin

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    It's not gun shows but I hear concealed carry permit applications are up 13% since the Colorado shootings. Not sure if it's just Florida or the whole country.
  6. jonm61

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    Gun sales in CO are up 41% since the shooting. I haven't been to a gun show in a while, but there was someone being taught to shoot at the range yesterday afternoon and a couple of other people who were there renting guns to shoot and observing, which I don't normally see.
  7. Webphisher

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    Background checks here in Colorado are up 43% since Friday. But I have yet to hear of any gun stores, including my range, that are raising prices.