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    Racism is no secret in America. Race crimes happen everywhere. We as American people must NOT let these senseless events divide us. We must NOT!!!! We must NOT!!! There are far more important issues than racism in our country today. Issues that know no color or gender. Issues that can only be approached by a unified & solid American citizenship. A citizenship that also knows no color or gender. Wake up America!
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    Thanks. The gov only gets involved when it benefits that government. Ex: racism.

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    Unfortunately, racism is here to stay. Some will cry "foul" as victims of it, other will say "i am entitled" because of it. And still others will always say everyone else is less than them because of race.

    As long as we have free speech, we will have racism.

    Sad but true.
  4. STANDING OVATION to this thread.
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    Unfortunately, there is little doubt that you're right. I said on another forum, though, that people have the right to think, feel and believe whatever they want, just as we have the right to find their thoughts, feelings and beliefs repugnant.

    The other thing, though, that I have to ask is how many people have had a racist thought or made a racist comment?

    None of my friends or family would consider me to be remotely close to being racist, but I can't deny that I have a few times over the last few decades, and I do mean a few, as in 3 or 4, had a thought or made a comment in the heat of the moment that was wrong. I know it was wrong and I regretted it, but it happened.

    And how many have laughed at an inappropriate joke? I see people post things periodically that are blatantly racist, and often they comment with the post "this is so wrong...", but they post it anyway and we laugh at it, because it's funny. Just because something is a stereotype, doesn't mean it can't be both true and funny. The same is true of things that are sexist or homophobic.

    At the same time, I'm sick of political correctness and of people having to apologize for saying something that again, is true, but that some find offensive. Truth hurts; deal with it.
  6. When people ask me if I am racist, I tell them yes I am. I wait for their eyes to get all big and about ready to snap on me and I tell them I hate the human race ;).

    We have come along way in terms or "racism" in our country but we still have a long way to go. When people stop seeing color and start seeing the person for their heart, soul, and actions then and only then will racism be done with.

    An on a side note: You can say and give multiple examples of how every "race" (I use that word lightly in this sentence) has giving their "race" a bad name. Why? cause when it comes down to it, we are all the same ;). It is so easy for people to judge other people by their skin because of the stereo types out there. Instead of walking in the other person shoes.

    That's why I hate the human race lol. A true race :)

    That is why I have this saying down below:

    "In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same."
    ~Albert Einstein~
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  7. Unfortunalty... in the US, slavery was only constitutionally abolished 143 years ago, let alone when actual equal rights started, about 56 years ago... Thats like a blink of the eye in the realm of time. Its going to take a long time to get the old dogs to learn new tricks in the US... especially in the southern states. Silly southerners, around here we still have government rebel flags waving off the interstate.

    I grew up as a Brooklyn Jew and dont see any difference in people based on a lack or melatonin or what religion you choose for your beliefs. My faith is layed on humans to know to do the right thing and dont need a book or mystical figure to steer me to do good.

    Its a shame that racism will problably be gone long before religious discrimination.
  8. I just want to ask this question. We all know that the BET channel stands for black entertainment television. Well what if there was a channel called WET which would stand for white entertainment television. Here comes the question. How many people would call that racist? It seems that the race card is played only one way. Everybody has a little racism in you, especially in the heat of the moment!!

  9. I've always asked the same question.

    I am a White/Hispanic and am not racist at all but also feel that the race card is usually only played one way.
  10. Your right, I make fun of whitey all day long and I am white lmao :p

    But on a more serious note. I use to have racism in me. That what happens when you are programed as a child from the adults to have it. Till I deprogrammed my self and started going out when I started driving (age 16) and hanging out with different people of different skin color.

    In the heat of the moment, I rather psychically destroy a person then cut them down by their color. :)

    Think of this before you insult someone for their color in the heat of the moment: No mater what racial slur you say, you can find at least 100 people of EVERY "race" that fits the bill. ;)
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    Everyone in every race does or may have something they don't like about another race can be a true statement. However, imo, I don't think of it as racism. Cultural differences maybe? In the heat of the moment, people tend to say things they later regret and or apologize for. In some cases, what u said is true. In some cases with some people.
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    I'm a black mail & also believe the race card is mostly played one way. My opinion is that most blacks are still upset about slavery, which I have no idea why, most blacks feel that whites think they are the superior race, etc etc etc..... I don't feed into it. Anti-obama Pro-America Ron Paul 2012.....just thought to through that in there lol
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    I'd love to live in a world free of racism, but I don't see that coming remotely close to realitiy in my life time, nor the lifetime of my children :(
  14. Theres bad people in every race in the world. I think everybody has friends of different races. It just annoys me when you see these kids with their pants around there knees( white, black, or hispanic) they all do it!!! What do they think when people talk about them and they get mad about. Dress appropriately and maybe they might be nice.
  15. You and a ton of other people probably wonder that question.
    Look at it this way, look at how BET came about. When you have TV stations that only want to play what they want to play because they are geared towards a certain audience. Refuse to hear anything else you force people to do their own thing.
    Really there is no reason to say what if
    Cause the white version of BET is actually called CMT.
    That isnt raciest at all and you shouldn't look at it like that. They have TV stations that only speak in Spanish with Latin people in every show. They are going after a certain type of people. Just like CMT is going after the Country boys.
    Would you watch a TV station that plays Country Music videos and right after that plays Hip Hop videos and then turns around and play Salsa? lol
    That would irritate certain people.:D
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    "judge a person by their actions an opinions, not their appearance"
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    Had a nice post typed up, but decided against posting it. Do not want to start a firestorm.

    This is the effect society has put on it's citizens, that for fear of being called racist, intelligent discussion sometimes becomes impossible.

    In regards to racism, there are only two types of people: those that use it to their advantage while blaming everyone else of it, and those that will not or can not overcome the steretotyping that was created by misconception, encouraged by mass media, youthful exposure, or personal experience, and that they themselves propagate as adults. There is no middle ground, because if any one person "likes" someone or something or somerace, by implication this person "unlikes" someone else or something else or some other race, and in this vein, the sad truth arises that You Cannot Argue With A Fanatic.

    I for one am offended whenever employers post a job opening and say "bilingual preferred", but actually meaning "speaks English and Spanish", as if Spanish was the only other language on the planet. I am offended when I see how much time and money is spent on "bilingual" advertisements and government notices, which do not encourage non-Englsh speakers to learn the English language and once again offend other races by not being in their native language as well. And I am saddened when calling an 800-number for some service or another, and having to press 1 for English. This is America, and America speaks English! In other countries, while visitors are accomodated with English signs and notices, anyone living in those other countries would need to learn their language or languish. This is the only country on the planet that, in terms of language, bows down to another language to accomodate them.

    Make no mistake, I was born and grew up in another country, ironically, one that for 300 years was a colony of Spain. But I am an American now. I work. I pay taxes. I pay my debts. I contribute to society. I do not have a sticker of the flag of the country of my birth on my car, but I do have the Stars and Stripes on it. Yes, I have been a victim of racial inequality, but I do not blame it as the reason for my misfortunes, nor do I believe that anyone from a particular race or ethnicity should be bundled up together in a bunch and labelled, because individuals can be different. I do not demand that this country bow down to me simply because I was born in another country and spoke a different language. I am an American now. And I speak English.

    The best we can do is to support and advance the ethos that This Is America! Yes, it is a melting pot of cultures and historical backgrounds, and each individual can add his or her particular racial or ethnic flavor to the mix, or dine alone and become, well, a racist. It is fine to bring another culture to the table, but there is no place at this table for another country.

    I apologize in advance if I have offended anyone with this post. Please feel free to give an intelligent and well-worded response, as is your right as an American.


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    Well said......
  19. I completely agree with you HS1,

    Having been born in the US from two foreign parents I can completely relate to your post. I do have Dual nationality and do speak Portuguese becuase my parents are both Brazilian but dislike going to places like Miami because I feel like I am in a different country. You will literally see more spanish signs than English ones in certain places.
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    My mothers' ancestors were Portugese, as well! But sadly, I do not speak the language. Nice to be related somehow to one of the greatest explorer's mankind had ever seen: Ferdinand Magellan!

    And about the signs, it would be reasonable to see things like this near an international border, but I live more than 1,000 miles north of the southern border! Argh!

    And the sad thing is....not a single sign at all, in any of the many hundreds of "bilingual" that I have seen here or anywhere, is there a single one in Tagalog (my native tongue).