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    Went to the gun show yesterday and picked up a neat little rear plate for my G23 slide. I usually cringe when I see some of the customized rear plates because I know how attorneys opporate if you ever had to use the gun in self defense, but being a former Navy Rescue Swimmer I couldn't help but pick this up. You usually see SF unites or the USMC represented, but this is the first time I have seen some love for the USN. They had USAF represented as well which I thought was cool.


    I figure an attorney is going to have a hard time turning this against me in court. I just hope it doesn't distract me during practice. lol BTW it actually a solid peice of steel and not a bar covered in plastic like the stock one.

    Couldn't resist this T shirt either. lol
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    Pretty cool Seawolf...!!

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    That is very cool Seawolf. :cool:
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    would love to get one with a navy emb the rangefinder from my firecontrol gun insignia i was a FTG3
  6. Seawolf

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    That's a good point. Surely there has to be someone out there making these things custom to the individual. If there isn't there should be.
  7. vwtechx

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    I have a grenade slide cover on my g30
    you can order custom ones from rockyourglock.com which is where I purchased mine.

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    Nice one, Seawolf!

    That an AK?
  9. I love the back plates but have wondered if it would distract me when shooting!
  10. Seawolf

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    I'll let you know next range visit. I am wondering that myself. I was issued a Walther P99 in 40S&W with my last department before they switched to the M&P and one of the things on that gun I hated the most was the stupid push rod that stuck out of the back of the slide stairing you in the face. For whatever reason it was a distraction to a lot of us because it moved in an out with your trigger press.
    No matter how many times instructors tried to get us to ignore the damn thing you just couldn't.lol
    I think that's the reason I could never get into the XD or XDM because that little striker bar on the back just reminded me of that gawd aweful P99 too much.

    Luckily these things can be swapped out on the fly with a punch right there at the range so all is good.
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  11. Ricochet

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    Looks great. I have been looking at the plates also.
  12. Thats one thing I love about Glocks... Simple design, nothing to eye catching to take your attention away and super easy to break down so you can swap out the back plates in seconds!
  13. CWearTX

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    Where'd you get those sights at? Or who makes them?
  14. iGlock

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    The 2 that ive had

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  15. CWearTX

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    Who makes those sights on your glock?
  16. Seawolf

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    Trijicon HD Night Sights. Used them for the last year and they are great. I prefer the bright yellow on the front post as it seems to contrast better in daytime and low light. I have used the XS big dot sight in the past and while it was great for close in stuff I really like having the U shaped rear for longer ranged stuff. IMO these sights are a little pricey, but they do give you the quick aquisition of the XS style sight with the accuracy of the warren style rear. I think I got mine from Midway for $120 on sale.



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