im done with plated bullets

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  1. Well i've about had my fill of plated bullets stripping as i seat them, especially with Xtreme plated bullets. I do believe they are the worst. I have had ZERO issues with FMJ and I think I will stick with those from now. Here's my question. Where is a good inexpensive place online to buy bulk FMJ bullets? Specifically .40 and .45. Wideners has IMI bullets, which I do like, but they are always out of stock. Who else carries IMI? Are there alternatives? I need cheap, bulk, FMJ bullets. I will no longer reload plated bullets.
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    have any plated left over you want to sell?

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    Georgia Arms and BVAC are the best of the best for cheap, reliable, clean shooting ammo.
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    if it is bullets you are looking for try montana gold
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    Just to toss this in....I have been using HSM and Berry's plated bullets for years, and have nothing but praise for the brands.
  7. $345 for 1k .45 ACP? Is that already loaded? I'm looking for bulk bullets only. $345 is way too much for 1k bullets.
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    PM our fellow Member, Vince7003, he may have some info for you....