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    Hi I'm new too this forum I'm from baltimore maryland I would like to say hello to everyone and to let everyone know I am confused on which glock I want to purchase I have shot the 17 the 19 the 21 and that's bout it. Any suggestions? I figured I would like one more then another but I dont... I like them I'm just curious of what a great beginner glock would be I shoot my friends all the time and I would like to have 1 for myself anyone have any suggestions please feel free to leave them thanks a lot and thank you for welcoming to your forum its a great one ....Joey Baltimore
  2. Welcome.
    Picking a model is dependent on what you are looking to with it. Are you going to conceal carry? Are you going to mainly target shoot? If so, competition or casual? Is ammo cost a factor for you? (9mm is much cheaper than .45)

    In my opinion, GLOCKs are all similar as far as "out of the box" performance, not withstanding ballistic characteristics. Every pistol "passes" my test so to speak. But your personal opinion will be the deciding factor considering what you intend to use this first pistol for. That being said, I would first consider personal fit to your hand. Second consider carry options i.e., comfort, accessibility, & concealability (is that a word? Haha)

    I know I didn't answer a thing for you haha. I didn't want to come on and give you my favorite, as it may influence you in the wrong direction. And actually I have a favorite uniform duty model - g22. My favored iwb - g27. I no longer am in uniform daily so mainly carry a shoulder rig and that's a g23. When I shoot reactive targets I prefer g21.

    Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with a GLOCK.


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    Thanks I don't plan too conceal carrie probably I am not a police officer so I don't need it for work just something for home defense and something to target shoot for a hobby its a adrenaline rush shooting its great maybe I will go with the 17 because its a 9mm and I hear the compacts and sub compacts are very snappy and recoil alot for target shooting I hear not sure but that's what I heard lemme know ur opinion of what u think be good for what I need and lemme know any input is appreciated ...thanks alot ...cheers !!
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    ..."I shoot my friends all the time..."

    Joey, are we going to have to sit you down and go over all of the range rules?

    Shooting your friends is not nice, sir. :)
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    Haha he don't mind he hasn't passed away yet lol
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum JoeyGlock187x !!

    I for one carry the G30 .45acp.
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    Welcome to the site..
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    Welcome! I carry a 23 and I love it but its all about what fits you.