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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Ogre, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Ogre

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    Picked up my first Glock today. Its a used Glock 17 with a birthday of February 1995 2nd Gen. It all looks fine and everything I looked at looked in good condition. The only thing is some minor wear on the magazines around the catch and a couple scratches near the feed lips (and it looks like "KA" scratched onto one of the mags). The mags have the Restricted LE/GOVT ONLY and I kinda wondered if that was an indication if this was a retired LE gun or if it just simply had those magazines. The feed ramp has some minor wear. The ejector looks fine. The rod is not chipped. The bore looks fine, no rings, etc.
  2. Congratts Daddy.... HAHAHAhaaaa. More than likely, it is a retired LE pistol.

  3. KeenansGarage

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    Like Ripper said, more than likely that is a police trade in. Congrats!

    What's the little one's name? ;)
  4. Ogre

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    Thankyou sir! Have a cigar! :D

    Good to know. Happily it has only a minimum of holster wear.
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    Admiral Horatio von Glockenspiel :)
  6. Ogre

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    Hrm...the front site looks canted. It was off the weapon at the shop and they slapped it back on. How do you uninstall it?

    Never mind, fixed it in under a minute.
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    Congratulations, now go procreate and give him a little brother. :D
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    Congratulations! Now you have an excuse to buy another Glock. So he will have something to shoot.
    Better get some sleep while you can.
  9. Mjones

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    Oh, didn't read while post.
    Congratulations anyway!