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Hello to my fellow Illinoisians.
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Hello to my fellow Illinoisians.
I'm looking forward to actually meeting.
I was actually about to message you. I want one of those G17 police trade-ins you've got listed on the website. Probably won't be able to get over your way twice in a week until February though.

I'll try to give you a call tomorrow
Consider one set aside until we hear for certain.
I can't believe I missed posting in this thread before. For any in Cen' IL there's a range in Urbana now.
Cook county , home of the 5 cent's a round tax , bought 500 rounds yesterday , 10 boxes at $9.97 a box , my total $137 ...wonder why they call this place 'crook county' ..
Does Crook County tax what you buy online and how would they know ?

You could always head down I-57 to CU for a day, but some ammo and get a little range time in.
Actually found out , the Indiana Cabela's is closer to me than the Hoffman estates one , so a win win , picked up 500 there Saturday for $118 , not sure they can tax you for online purchases ..
I buy from Freedom and SGAmmo and don't pay IL sales tax.

Get on their mailing lists; Freedom runs free shipping around holidays.

Yes, you'll have to provide them a copy of your FOID so they can stay legal under IL laws.
A hearty welcome Matt. Just where central IL ?
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1 - 6 of 140 Posts