If you like Starbucks... U should read this!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DevilDawg235, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. DevilDawg235

    DevilDawg235 New Member

    I found this online, did not do any research on whether or not this is true. Does anyone know anything about this?

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  2. jrlusmc

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    I hope this is false, not a Starbucks fan anyway, in my mind it would be right up there alley to do this, but it's also a poor business decision to do so

  3. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Internet, who knows. Could be a dissatisfied customer. Maybe not? Who could say.
  4. antek

    antek New Member

    Maybe it's their competitor's story?
  5. Eye_Peeled

    Eye_Peeled 8th Gen. Fla Cracker (not creepy though)

    I have never been to a starbucks (purposely avoided), I am proud to say that, so it won't affect me. That said, I can't believe they would make such a marketing blunder as this, even if this were their stance. I would be surprised if it were their stance, since they had that "guns welcome" thing a while back. I could be wrong.
  6. mauro3005

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    I mean it could be true or not. I don't drink coffee but I will get a smoothie if I'm at the Barnes and noble. I doubt they would be that outspoken. If you support the war or not it should t affect you buying their coffee on IMO. Everyone has personal beliefs. But if they are messed up to actually write a letter to soldiers risking their lives then it would be grounds to not use their products.
  7. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Apparently it is true, my gf had also seen this somewere else. Now its poping up on facebook too.
  8. Danzig

    Danzig Glockin’ since 1993 Supporter

    Not a Starbucks fan but unless the CEO said it on National TV I'm not believing it.
  9. runman

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  10. jrlusmc

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    I think I have to agree, even as a Starbucks non fan
  11. dwcfastrice

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    I would say just via the verbiage that it's false. It smacks of the fake "target doesn't support veterans" hoax email that was flying around. Corporate communications wouldn't put out anything that controversial. It's bad for business.

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  12. brutusvk

    brutusvk New Member

    This comes out every few years. It is bogus.
  13. CWearTX

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    Starbucks sucks anyway!
  14. I love Starbucks. I traveled for my job for over 5 years, there is better coffee out there, but when traveling starbucks is consistent and everywhere. And they respect the 2nd amend.
  15. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Ya, if you like coffee and you haven't tried it, or have stayed away because its big corporate coffee, take your hipster ass out, set down your PBR and ironic t-shirt, and at least try the **** for yourself before you just start hating on it. I actually enjoy Starbucks and its great, as nicolas said, you know what you're getting. If you've tried it and hate it, then at least you have an opinion for yourself. Just get so tired of people hating **** or avoiding it because its the "in" thing to do. Ya know to a lot of Americans, hating on guns and thinking all their owners are red necks that sleep with their daughters, is the "in" thing.
  16. jrlusmc

    jrlusmc Member

    Tried it several times in several places..... Don't like it, sorry to insult ya
  17. Eye_Peeled

    Eye_Peeled 8th Gen. Fla Cracker (not creepy though)

    I didn't say I never tried it. I said I've never been to one. It's really not that good; I think it's bitter. I can get better coffee at a Circle K convenience store which has pretty good coffee, actually. In my opinion, Dunkin Donuts slays Starbucks in both coffee and lattes. I just avoid the actual store to avoid the snobs who think it's the best thing going...if you know what I mean. Those people are too cool for DD so it's perfect for me.
  18. bhale187

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  19. havasu

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    Sorry, but so is their $5.00 cup of joe!
  20. arkshooter

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    Starbux in IRAQ

    When I served in IRAQ, it seemed that every unit that rotated thru my area had cases of Starbux the local company had "gifted" them before departure.
    As mentioned earlier, Snopes has this listed as an urban legend to stir the pot.
    My Daughter works for a store here in country and says they do everything possible for someone in uniform, ie discounts or maybe a little extra. They also support the 2nd ammendment, she see's $2.00 bill tips often.
    You may not like the coffee but lets not tear down a company trying to support troops & firearm ownership.

    My $.02