If you had to choose 1 Glock to own, what would it be ?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Braz, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Braz

    Braz New Member

    Include your reasoning behind it. Why the chosen size, caliber and purpose.

    I choose the 23. Easy to conceal, fits my hand well, shoots perfect with me pulling the trigger, .40 is (in my opinion) the best for damage + speed, it is cheaper than some other model's, gun shop's always have parts in stock, looks and feels awesome for open carry.
  2. american lockpicker

    american lockpicker New Member

    G17 Its cheap to shoot and fits my hand better than compact or subcompact models.

  3. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

    i agree the 23 is the best option
  4. sgtglock

    sgtglock New Member

    I went with a g17 gen4 this time and i like very much. I'm right handed but cant but with a bum thumb cant
  5. sgtglock

    sgtglock New Member

    Use the mag release on the left side. Moved it over so i can use my trigger finger and prpblem solved. And the damn thing shoots better for than anything i've had before. Love ot!
  6. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    I am biased to the .45 auto, but I would have to say that I like the G22 as well and has a good fit. In the end I am getting a G21 for the magazine change with the Kriss and stick with .45 auto. someday I wouldn't mind getting a G22 though.
  7. msandoval858

    msandoval858 New Member

    I'm a .45 fan and I carry a 1911, but if I had to choose one Glock, it would definitely be the 23. The gun fits my hand great, is easy to carry, has great mag capacity, and I love the little extra punch the .40 has over the 9mm.
  8. malladus

    malladus New Member

    My 26 with the finger extension mags. I can pretty much wrap the gun up tight in my hands and drive it fast and very accurate.
  9. Flairsr

    Flairsr New Member

    Glock 30, with mag extension... Can't beat 12 rounds of .45 Auto in a subcompact!!!
  10. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    I'm a big fan of the .45ACP round. Always have been, always will be.

    My first handgun that I ever trained on was a 1911A1.

    G30SF is my model of choice for pretty much the same reasons you named for liking the G23.
  11. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    If I had to pick one, it would be a 2nd Gen 23. It was my first gun and my first love. I won't carry anything smaller than the .40. 2nd Gen because the finger grooves on the compacts are too small for me. If they weren't, I'd have a G38 to go with my 37 & 39.
  12. Grabber GT

    Grabber GT New Member

    If I could only have one...it would be my 19. A 9mm JHP can get the job done in my opinion. Concealable and cheap to shoot. I have the 26 too and I actually like it better without the extension cause it pinches my finger. Love shooting them both. But for sure the 19! :D
  13. G23.

    I've always prefered the .40 for defencive use. In the early 90's when I bought my USP40, 180grain .40 S&W was a nice middle ground between the velocity of 9mm and the energy of .45 ACP. These days the 165 grain looks even more apealing to me than the 180.

    In my 20's the fullsized USP was easily concealed IWB in the front with little to no printing through my T shirt. In my late 30's now for some reason my bacon cheese burgers, pizza and donuts seem to compete for room with the full sized frame IWB in the front. Two years ago I finaly did something about my waistline...... I bought a smaller gun and moved it to the back! /trololol. I'd always loved the Glocks and had been thinking about a 19/23 for many years (it was my "next gun" plan after I bought the HK. Just took me 15+ years to get around to it.) I'm tall with big hands and the G27 didn't feel right for me but the G23 seemed so perfect. It's small and easily concealable yet not too small in my big hands.

    Glock's "Perfection" add slogans are right on. Every time I look at the 23 in my hand or draw and point it and the sights line up far more instinctivly than my HK, the 1 word that rings in my head, Perfect.

    It's my first Glock but not gonna be my only Glock. When I get around to it I'd like to get a G35 and a .357 Sig barrel (posibly threaded or ported). And then start adding other custom goodies and have it be my range toy.
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  14. Braz

    Braz New Member

    I carry the 23 also. Am looking into buying the 32 barrel to play around with .357 Sig
  15. BORIS

    BORIS New Member

    That's the same exact sales pitch they used over 20 years ago. 180s were only as fast as 147 9mm loads and had just under a hundred less FPE as a same weight 45. All the while the 40 operates at a pressure 35% higher than the 45. Less fpe, more pressure, more muzzle blast and recoil over a 45 for a hundred less fpe. Sounds like a winner to me.

    Never did see a use for the 40. Didn't make logical sense in 1990 and advances in ammo make 9x19mm perform sooooo good it's almost inane these days.

    I always believed if you want 45 power why not carry a 45? Why use a compromise caliber that only tries to be a 45 yet will never be one no matter how hard it tries.

    Don't make no sense to me....
  16. Glock_Guy199

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    CJKOLCUN New Member

    For me it would be my G22.
  18. db559

    db559 New Member

    21sf because I like big guns with big bullets that leave big holes!
  19. Scott204

    Scott204 New Member

    For me it would be my g20. I love the 10mm power. I know some people say its overkill but i think more is better
  20. bubba2001

    bubba2001 Well-Known Member Supporter

    g19....ammo is cheap enough so u can practice and its compact enough to carry concealed