If it was you buying, which 38 special would you buy?

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  1. I am going shopping tomorrow and wanted to get some opinions on which 38 special revolver to get. I am looking at either the S&W or the Ruger, or any other ideas? Its going to be my BUG, so not much range time with it. But what would you buy?? Thanks in advance...
  2. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    I had a ruger sp101. 2 1/2inch barrel, 5 shot, and its in .38sp and .357mag. But there are smaller options in .38sp

  3. SeventiesWreckers

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    I would be shopping S&W .357 mags. My wife is still carrying the one I got her in 1985, a Model 27, 3 1/2 inch. She mostly range practices with .38 in it, 'cause it will fire both, then carries it with .357 mag loads.

    Just an option.
  4. akbluz

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    Here's another vote for a Ruger SP101.... Go with the .357mag and you can shoot either .357 or .38Special. You'll never wear it out in your lifetime (or probably your grandkids lifetime either).
  5. iGlock

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    Thats what i did.
  6. I have the Taurus 605 polymer .357/.38 and love that gun. Just can't find a holster lol

  7. trouble0214

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    Blackhawk makes a holster for it its the serpa j frame2". Or galco makes a iwb i have the galco it takes some working in but works fine once u break it in
  8. iGlock

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    I was thinking of getting a polymer framed .38/.357 but i heard the recoil on the polymer frame with the .357 is a beast on the hands...
  9. So dumb question and kind of new to revolvers, you can shoot 38 special rounds in a 357 mag? No matter what brand revolver?
  10. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
  11. Never knew that, learn something new every day. Thanks for that, I might just look at .357 then. Considering there not much more money than a 38.
  12. SeventiesWreckers

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    No problem, And yeah, .357 gives you many more load options. I shoot .44 Specials in my S&W 629 when I practice with it, then load it up with full .44 Magnums the rest of the time.
  13. Very true, thats good info to know. Im glad I asked, but just be ready for a little more recoil with a .357 correct? I mean im sure its more than a .38 but how much more? I ask because my wife will also be using it, and tends to not like the kick/recoil.
  14. wnctroutbum

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    I have a S&W 442 airweight. It's a great gun and I highly recommend it.
  15. Thats actually the one I have been looking at, with the internal hammer. Never had problems with it?
  16. Danzig

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    .357 mags out of small guns are brutal. I have the new Ruger LCR and like it. The SP101 is a boat anchor great gun only it's heavy. Love Smith and Wessons. Any of their 5 shots are great as well as the Taurus and Rossi 5 shots. If I was gonna get one for my girl it'd probably be a LCR low maintenance, simple no snag design.
  17. SeventiesWreckers

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    The felt recoil in revolvers, Magnum or otherwise can vary quite a bit. There is no recoil spring assembly in them like automatic pistols have. So, the size, or mass of the revolver has quite a bit to do with what you feel in the recoil force. The lowest Bullet grain wts. with modest velocities produce the least recoil. And at the other end, the largest grain wt bullets, with the maximum velocities produce the most felt recoil. In essence, a .38 Special +P with a 158 grain bullet, might produce more recoil than a .357 medium load with a 115 grain bullet.

    I don't want to confuse you with all this, you'll catch on as soon as you start shooting it. The recoil thing is subjective of course, my wife went to steel shoots with me for a couple of years, she watched us shooting the biggest Magnums we could find. So when I handed her the .357, and she shot it, her impression was "No Big Deal", and she loves it. In the head kind of thing.
  18. bhale187

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    S&W 642 without the lock, can't be beat for the price IMO
  19. Thanks, I value all of yalls advice. I want to hold them both (Ruger/ S&W), play with them a little and see which one I like best. I know getting the .38 will probably be better seeing as my wife has a small figure and isn't quite confident with guns yet. So maybe start there then move into the. 357 if needed. But I will be shopping tomorrow and once I come home I will put up some pictures for you all! Thanks again...