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    Anyone shooting IDPA with there Glock, let's hear about it.
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    I haven't yet but plan to this year with my 30SF.

    There's a thread going regarding Glocks and competitions... let's see if we can get TxShooter to start a sub-forum. :)

  3. I shot once with a G30... For all the 7yard or less shots it was no problem. For the few further targets, that little guns limited sight radius and muzzle lift definitely made it hard to shoot fast and accurate.

    I did alright, but definitely did worse on those.
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    Shot IDPA last 11 Feb, using my G26.

    Came in 4th out of 7, Novice in SSP, and I was the only first-timer in the category!

    Firing 115gr plated ammo loaded to medium-velocities (for recoil management), we had to test-fire it on the poppers to make sure the bullet can knock 'em down. It did.

    Screwed the pooch on three aspects:

    :mad:It didn't sink in what they told me in orientation: keep shooting until you are satisfied with the impacts. I kept to the COF guide: 2 to the chest, and so on. Could've imporved my score if I hit the targets more than "2 to the chest" since accuracy counts over time.

    :mad:I got an FTN (Failure to Neutralize) because one stage called for 2 to the head 2 to the chest; one shot hit square on the bridge of the nose, second head shot hit side of face near ear and was not counted, hence I "failed to neutralize with 2 head shots".

    :mad:Dinged again with a Injured Noncombatant....damn! I hate those swinging goodguy targets with badguy targets behind them!

    Did pretty well as a first-timer, and scoring in above 3 other shooters who have done this before, well, I didn't do great, but I didn't do bad!
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    Yep, shoot every week with my carry gun, the G30 but when there's free beer on the line with my buddies, the G34 gets carted out.

  8. I don't know if I should call you a cheater or genius.
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    Used to compete twice a month here in IDPA but after gas went thru the roof I only shoot at my club. I either use my G23 or G27 my carry guns with target ammo that matches the power factor of my carry ammo.

    No I have never been the top of my class. Never advanced from MM in the SSP catagory either but I do have fun.

    I just want to be compentent with my firearms. I'm not looking to win the best scores. However, it is fun to have others with their 9mm scores boast that they are almost beating me.
  10. I enjoyed kickin the crap out of my friend and his buddies at their range with my tiny G30 while they all shot 9mm (my buddy was the exception and shot .40).

    Yeah, scored 20/37 (bottom half), but that was my first time in IDPA, first time shooting my 30 like that too, and I put them to shame!

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    How do you know what ammo, or do you just use what you have?
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    I shot 115-gr 9mm, in SSP-Novice. It did not seem to matter at the IDPA match what I had in the mags, but next time I will load up with 124-grain.


    When I did my (so far, first and only) IDPA, as a first-timer they put me in Novice (expected), and shooting what amounts to a rock-stock-Glock, I was put in Service Pistol (SSP). No special optics, no compensators, nothing. Another guy in the group test-fired his 9mm (also 115-grain bullets) on the steel poppers, just to make sure they fell; they did.

    Now, when you begin getting into the higher categories, your ammo will get scrutinized. In USPSA (IPSC), there is something called Power Factor, which is based on a mathematical formula of bullet weight times muzzle velocity, and is broken down into Major PF (usually the .45ACP and .38Super race guns all tricked out) and Minor (which would include 9mm). But as a beginner, you will pick up all of this stuff as you advance among the categories.

    Whatever gun you bring, and whatever ammo you have with you, will dictate what category you will shoot in.

    As a reloader, I have the liberty to tailor my loads how I want them...this is a luxury not every shooter has. So guess what? Bring what you can buy at the store :D

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    Good info thanks!
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    Bring about 150 rounds of whatever you'll be using for the match.

    IDPA is broken into 5 divisions:

    Stock Service Revolver (SSR)
    Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR)
    Stock Service Pistol (SSP)
    Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)
    Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) - limited to .45ACP only

    Each division is further broken down into 4 ability groups:

    Novice (NV)
    Sharpshooter (SS)
    Expert (EX)
    Master (MA)

    If it's your first time competing in IDPA, you should shoot the Qualifier.
    This will determine which ability group you'll be placed into so that you'll compete against shooters of the same level as you. This insures a level playing field and you won't be pitted against Master class shooters if you're a Novice.
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    Equip. needed:
    1 gun in 9mm or larger
    1 concealable holster
    3 mags for the gun minimum
    2 belt holders for ya mags
    150 -200 rounds of ammo (cheap stuff if your gun will eat that)
    1 concealment garment like loose fitting shirt, vest or coat
    a pair of good shoes that have some grip
    1 hat
    Of course eyes and ears and a gun/range bag for ya gear

    Show up and during entry tell the folks you're new and they will take care of you. They are a good group of people (most everywhere).

    They can help point you in the right direction so you too, can enjoy the sport. Pay attention to the safety stuff, REALLY! Go SLOW and take your time the first couple of weeks you shoot, OK?

    You don't need no classification right off the bat and most clubs only run classifiers only about twice a year. Some clubs let the new shooters shoot for free the first match but not a standard.

    You will be required to join IDPA after shooting the first match if you want to shoot any more matches.

    IT'S FUN enjoy the new found sport!:)
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    They didn't have me do any of that. Just orientation, range briefing, and then jump into each stage/scenario.

    The guys were all extremely friendly, not egotistically competitive as I would have imagined. Guy in charge told me, repeatedly, it's not about the score or the time, it's about having fun.

    Having done it once, I would very highly recommend it to any competent shooter!

    Next match: 3/10/12! Can't wait!
  17. That was basically what I was run through: but I was told during the safety briefing that it wasn't a formal IDPA event, but that they followed the rules for safety, scoring and stage design/setup.

    That's why I call my experience IDPA-light. Wasn't sanctioned and I wonder if your was.

    Oh, out of the 36 other shooters, a handful were egotistical, but they were the exception.
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    How can I tell if it was sanctioned? It's on the pistol league's webpage (scoring and results, I mean) under IDPA (as opposed to 3-Gun and USPSA).
  19. Call/email and ask the range about their leagues.

    I suspect many folks don't care about competing on a nationwide scale, and just shoot for fun. The range I shot at clarified it wasn't sanctioned, they they track the scores and such.. It wasn't a league per se, just a coordinated fun and educational thing todo.
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    Local matches are just that, local. Many are put on year 'round across our country. The clubs are sanctioned IDPA clubs and are members of IDPA.

    Check under Club Info for your club here:

    Sanctioned matches follow strict shooting rules by the book and all shooters have to be IDPA members as well as "Classified" in a catagory so they can compete against like shooters.