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    I never shot IDPA but have been looking into it. I visited the national web site but only had minimal time to do so. Can anyone fill me in on the pros & cons if any? Or just basic or general membership & sponsoring info as well as personal experiences. Thanks in advance.

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    I found it easiest to start with my local IDPA club. Mine had a lot of good info on how to get started, including a very good (mandatory) clinic. After shooting my first actual match today, I can say that the clinic was invaluable. You can read a few tips and insights here:

    The main IDPA site should be able to direct you to your local club contact.

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    Why IDPA? Why not some other pistol discipline?

    Go back to the national page and find a club near you and they will walk you through.

    IDPA is a game for people that mostly have CWP and want to play shooting the bad guys. If you are going to or, have already received your CWP and want real world training go seek it else where.

    If you want to play you have to have:
    Good gun handling skills and ability to follow commands
    1. Full understand of all safety rules in handling a firearm.
    2. Safely load, holster, draw, fire and clear the fiream

    Firearm that meets the requirements as described on the National site.
    A concealable holster with magazine pouches and gun belt
    Concealment grament
    Suitable footwear

    Can be a lot of fun if you play well with others but will send you home with a frown if not. Lots of rules. All the good guys have rules to follow.
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    Elsewhere? Like?
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    Check out this forum. I'm a member on there also as Argyle64.
    It's all about competition shooting (IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, 3 Gun).
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    Like? You mean like what does that mean?

    Yea, why are you interested in IDPA?

    Early on I also stated, "Go back to the national page and find a club near you and they will walk you through."

    Each club now has an indoc program to help you understand what when and how we operate IDPA.

    I don't understand why someone hasn't the time to do just a little reading and use their comprehension skills but has the time to ask me to spell it all out for them and I wonder, are they ever even coming back to read it?

    Being a SO in IDPA I do enjoy the sport until I have to argue with those that don't seem to know or, want to argue every single call (& I don't usually make that many).

    A tidbit of IDPA (found on the forum)
    What are the goals of IDPA?

    1: Promote safe and proficient use of guns and equipment suitable for self-defense use.

    2: Provide a level playing field for all competitors to test the skill and ability of the individual, not their equipment or gamesmanship.

    3: Provide separate divisions for equipment and classifications for shooters, such that guns with similar characteristics are grouped together and people with similar skills compete only against each other.

    4: Provide shooters with practical and realistic courses of fire that simulate a potentially life-threatening encounter or that tests skills that would be required to survive a life-threatening encounter.

    5: Offer a practical shooting sport that is responsive to the shooters and sponsors, with unprecedented stability of equipment rules.

    6: Offer a practical shooting sport that allows the competitors to concentrate on the development of their shooting skills and fellowship with other likeminded shooters.

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    I think he's talking about the "real world training" part not what is IDPA. There are probably some training facilities near you that could teach you tactics on real life situation training. IDPA is fun and IMO it's good practice. Of course, having some other type of firearms training would be beneficial. It all depends on what you want. We are all hear to learn from each other, hope this helps.
  8. Daveberg

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    There's also some good info on YouTube by powerfactorshow about what to expect in IDPA and some info on equipment.
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    Where do you live? Some places shoot IDPA matches once a month, some do it every week.

    Depending on what you've been doing with your gun/s up until this time, you'll most probably improve your overall gun handling skills and get better with target acquistion and shooting.

    If you try it and don't like it, you're not out anything except a few hours and a box of bullets!

    I've tried to sum up the "differences" between IDPA and USPSA to my shooting friends with the following logic....

    USPSA is standing in the doorway and blasting everything in sight.
    IDPA is hiding behind the doorway wall and blasting everything in sight.

    AD (and there's much less running involved!!)

  10. G22GEN4

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    I meant like what other kind of training. I'm interested in IDPA cause I like it. Why not IDPA?
  11. iShoot

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    I'm also thinking about something like this, I don't really care if it's IDPA or something else. My training consists of setting up targets in my backyard, so I think getting out with other shooters and learning some skills would be fun.
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    Good info. Looking into joining local group in the metro Atlanta area.
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    Early on I stated, "Go back to the national page and find a club near you and they will walk you through."

    Each club now has an indoc program to help you understand what when and how we operate IDPA.

    Then by all means please take my advice.

    What other sports have you shot matches in?
    What firearms training have you had?
    Do you currently have a concealed weapons permit (CWP)?
  14. G22GEN4

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    I have not shot in any sports at all yet. I'm just getting into it. Tired of standing in 1 spot shootin paper. I'm currently waiting for my cce. Only training was a fats machine I think its called. Anything else I just picked along the way in life. I feel no matter what I know now, proper training would make it so muscle better.
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    We have a thread here I found doing a search on "Shooter Education" that has some information to get you started:

    A search on the internet will do the same. What would be best is for you to drtermine what is within your travel and expense accounts.

    Some of the local gun clubs put on training like I explained earlier. SOme have strictly selfdefense training while others incorporate CWP classes and gun handling skills as one class.

    You are on the right track, looking to further your education if you are going to obtain a carry permit. Any one can carry a gun. Anyone can shoot somebody, and anyone can go to jail.

    I think the education we get, that pays very best dividends is: learning how to spot trouble and get away from it before you are involved with it.