IDPA Competition Holster?

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    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    Which holster do you prefer for IDPA competition and why?

    What are some of your considerations for which holster to use? Likely, it's whatever CC holster you're most comfortable using, eh.

    What considerations or changes do you make for competition (eg, 2 o'clock versus 4 o'clock, IWB vs OWB vs shoulder), if any?

    I'm interested in IDPA, and have been scouring this forum and the IDPA site for all the great info. My only Glock is the 21SF so I imagine it'll be a bit husky for CC. As a n00b, I'm leaning toward the Glock Sport Combat for its simplicity and basic design. Any thoughts on this -- for or against?

    Additionally, what are your preferred magazine pouches? Do you wear a heavier, wider belt?
  2. Happysniper1

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    FWIW, I use a Blackhawk Serpa for EDC as well as for IDPA (done 2 matches already!).

    Changed nothing for the match, except the ammo (used 124-gr flat point hollow bottom bullets by Berry's).

    It is normally at about 3 or 4 o'clock position. Also use the Blackhawk twin mag holster for double-stack mags, positioned at 9 o'clock.

    I use firm leather belts anyway, so didn't need to change that either.

    You practice how you would draw from carry for personal protection. That is how you will do it in IDPA.

    At least for me, anyhow...:)

  3. 40caljim

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    Its hard to beat a Fobus paddle, and the price is reasonable also (about $20). I a fixing to do some IDPA stuff myself. I have the above holster
    with a matching paddle double mag pouch.
  4. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Just for kicks, Royale-W-Cheese, check out the video I posted of me shooting the IDPA match, using a Glock 26 from a Blackhawk Serpa holster.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    IDPA 2010 Championship Equipment Survey

    Found this interesting. Guess what the most-used pistol make is (1:08 mark)!

  6. G-23

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    In IDPA we only wear our holsters at a position in line with our shoulder/hip or behind that line. NO Shoulder holsters allowed. Actually no holsters allowed with more than the 15* cant I believe.

    The Glock Sport Combat holster will do for IDPA but we ask you bring what you wear everyday during your normal concealled carry including your clothing. Concealment is required in most stages. If you are new to carrying I would get a "Outside the Waist Band" (OWB) holster like the Glock Sport.
    Magazine pouches, you'll need a minimum of two. The Glock mag carriers are a good start also. I good double layer belt is best but any belt that will support the firearm will do for the time being. I mean by that, that it is comfortable to wear snuggly pulled up and prevents your gun from saging. You need a solid platform for the holster so it won't move.

    I would steer away from any holster that has any retention devices(except tension screws). Buttons or straps will interfear with your learning curve.

    We ask that you be very familiar with drawing and holstering your weapon for the sake of your safety and those around you. Practice this very slowly without concealment at first.

    Seems we always want to practice the draw. :)WRONG WAY TO START!
    Practice holstering a UNLOADED firearm without concealment. Practice this for at least a week and in a manner that you can do it without pointing the gun at yourself or, placing your finger in the trigger guard. Remember the muzzle isn't a prybar used to open a holster on your belt.

    When you can repeatly holster without looking (at the holster) to do so is the time to practice the draw. First, learn to get a good grip on the gun before drawing. Oh yea, you'd be surprized! The draw needs to bring the weapon straight up and out of the holster before rotation.

    Finger OFF THE TRIGGER until you have your sights AND target.

    Now that you can holster and draw safety consistancely, apply the concealment clothing.

    Learn to move the garment out of the way first, clearing the weapon for the draw. And likewise for the holstering of the weapon.

    Another common problem, garments getting caught in the holster with the gun. NEVER pull the garment out of the holster with the geun in place!:mad:REMOVE the firearm first then, the garment.

    Enjoy your newly found sport and have a safe shooting experience!;)
  7. Gen4new-guy

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    As far as I understand it the SERPA holsters are now banned
  8. Happysniper1

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    Really? Wow.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    Do you know if that's a nationwide ban by IDPA or it if it's just localized to the region's or club's decision? I can't find anything on it in the rulebook but I'd like to read more about it.

    IDPA no longer maintains an official list of competition-legal holsters (too many to list and too frequent updates to maintain). Instead, they offer categories and criterias for holsters. From what I have briefly Googled, it seems to be more a liability decision by the individual clubs or event organizers, not necessarily mandated by IDPA rules. I'm hoping to get more clarification. I think I'd like to use a Serpa for competition!

    For reference, their current rulebook:
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    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    As always, this is the kind of invaluable experiential information that makes this forum so great. Thanks for all the great pointers, G-23!
  11. Gen4new-guy

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    Unfortunatley they will be banned from IDPA on a national level soon. Its local and varies from region to region but as I understand it the new addendum to the rulebook coming out clearly states this.

    Don't shoot me as I an just the messenger on this one.
  12. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    But I love my Serpa holsters <sad face>
  13. Oddball Gunner

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    I used my Blackhawk Serpa for my comp. I counted at least 15 other shooters using them as well. I've never had a problem drawing/holstering with one exception:

    The night before a match, I inspected and cleaned my 30 to insure it would be ready to go on match day. I then decided I'd put some grip tape on the bottom of the trigger guard for grip reference/indexing. I practiced drawing holstering a couple of times and then packed everything up.

    On match day, 1st stage went well although it was an impossible stage (will post more on that later). 2nd stage, getting ready, buzzer sounds, good grip on gun and pull...and it's stuck! I pull and pull and it wouldn't come out. SO yells Stop and I'm moved to a safe area. Match director read me the riot act on how he hates the Blackhawk holsters, how they're not safe, prone to malfunction etc. I am finally able to clear my gun from the holster. Turns out it was the grip tape I had placed on the trigger guard the night before. It had rolled and created a wedge preventing me from drawing.

    By the time I was able to finish the stage, the next squad was waiting, I'm the last shooter, I rushed to finish. I heard a few more negative comments regarding the Blackhawk holster. (It was my worst stage and I finished with an abyssmal match score)

    Moral of the story is: a.) DO NOT change anything the day before a match. If you do intend to change your equipment or technique, give yourself a couple of weeks to practice and adjust to the change. Match day is not the day to try something new; b.) If something gets you mentally off track, upset, poor stage, etc... shake it off. Don't let it affect the remaining match for you.; and finally c.) the problem that day was me the shooter, not the equipment. I made a change without thoroughly testing for reliability.

    In light of all the negativity and to avoid potentially going to range/club/match that have banned their use, I've decided to get Comp-Tac's competition setup for use in future IDPA matches. I'll still use my Blackhawk for around the house and probably CC during the winter months.

    As to belt, I wear a reinforced Instructor's Gun Belt by Blackhawk. I also used the Fobus dual mag pouch for Glock .45/10mm in my matches but that'll be replaced when I get the new Comp-Tac rig.
  14. G-23

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    As I understand it, they are re-writing the book. That job is why they formed the TIGER Teams.

    Several self shooting have taken place across the country during the drawing of a firearm while using this holster. I have witnessed it myself although the fellow just missed his foot and sprayed everyone nearby with frag and concrete chips.

    Drawing techniques vary but my Sidearmor holster allows me to practice safely. I mean that during the draw I have learned to place my index/trigger finger between the holsters' belt loops while aquiring a grip on the gun. This action allows my finger to come to rest right on the side of the slide during the actual draw and extentsion of the weapon.
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  15. Matthew780

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    I like the looks of this holster (BlackHawk SERPA CQC Holster w/ Matte Finish). Looks like a great design for looks and functionality. The price (40.00$) drove the nail for me. I ordered one just now.
  16. Green-Water

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    I just ordered a Comp-Tac speed paddle last night. It came highly recommended from some of the local IDPA shooters that I've met at my club. I'll be competing with this holster so I'll post my experience with this rig soon.

    Good luck!!
  17. m469699

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    Blade Tech

    I use a Blade Tech that I got at a gun show for $25 on a driveby. Wish I got one for a 1911 now, but didn't know much about this holster then. Wear it straight up and down behind hip bone and it comes out fast! I would buy this holster again. Have not flubbed a draw with this set up yet (Gen3 17 rtf).
  18. CBS

    CBS New Member

    I also use a Blade Tech. If you look on their site, they have an "IDPA Starter Kit". It has a holster, mag pouch, and a practice barrel. Together, I think it was about $50. One note: the kit is for right hand only.
  19. lovemyglock

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    I have a blade tech as well good gear at a good price. I was supposed to classify this weekend but got called to work. Oh well have to pay for ammo some how!!