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12 AUG 2012

This is a club level match.

Registration: 8:00AM - 9:00AM
First rounds downrange following safety brief at 9:15-ish AM.

South Kent Sportsmen's Club - map

I cut and pasted the following monthly match email:

Tom Tiethoff said:
The 101 class is mandatory, prior to shooting any of the action pistol sports, unless you hold a classification in any one of the sports. The sports are: IDPA, USPSA (IPSC), Steel Challenge.

Set-up: We will be setting up the match on Saturday, August 11th starting at 9:00 am. ALL Help is welcome, and all help is greatly appreciated. We can use lots of help.
Sunday Match: Registration on Sunday will begin at 8:15 am, in the clubhouse. Shooting will begin at 9:00 am following a brief shooters meeting, held near the outhouse(center of range). The cost for the match is $20 unless you are a SKSC club member then it is $15
Bring 150 rounds, for the regular match. We will be shooting 7-8 stages.

If you can help by being a Safety Officer on Sunday,** please respond to this **and let us know. This is a big help knowing who will be there to be a Safety Officer. Also, Safety Officers, we will have a meeting at 8:45 a.m. in the bay directly to the east of the outhouses. Please be the in the Safety Officer meeting bay(1st Bay East of the outhouse) at 8:45 sharp. I think this helps answer questions, before the shooting starts.

We will have beverages and snacks available again, for a donation. The program is working well.

Classifier: We are also offering a classifier Saturday. The classifier will be by pre-registration. Time slots will be every 1/2 hour starting at 9:30, then 10:00, 10:30,etc. Bring 100 rounds, minimum to shoot the classifier.Cost is $10. You also need to be an IDPA member. We can sign you up at the club, or go online(the quicker method) and sign yourself up. Time slots start at 9:30 am. Email to pre-register for the classifier. I will need a couple of Safety Officers to help out with running people through the classifiers, please let me know if you can help out.

Newer shooter classes. 101 class and 102 class

101 Class. This class is mandatory, prior to shooting any of the action pistol sports, unless you hold a classification in any one of the sports.

This class is geared toward any shooter that has not participated in action pistol games before. If you cannot produce a classification card in one of the following: IDPA, USPSA(IPSC), or Steel Challenge, this class is for you. This class is to teach the range expectations, proper gun handling, and safety. Contact your Match Director if you have participated but are not classified.

This class will focus on Introduction to Action Pistol Shooting, Range Orientation, Safety Procedures, Range Commands, Classifications and Gun Divisions, Basic Gun Handling Skills, Stage Demonstration, and much more.

Class size will be limited, but spots are still open. You’ll need: eye and ear protection, handgun 2 magazines, strong side holster, and 50 rounds of ammunition. Cost is free. Class starts at 9:00 am, on August 11th. Class is approximately 1 hour long.
See attachment for more info about this class.

102 Class. We are offering a 102 class…this class is geared toward anyone that has been shooting IDPA for less then 1 year, and would like pointers to be safer and more proficient at your shooting skills. The class is held on the range, no classroom material. It will start at 10:00 am., on August 11th. Be early, to check in, on the range. Class will be approx. 2-3 hours depending on questions and shooter experience. Class size is limited, but spots are still open. You’ll need eye and ear protection, handgun, strong side holster, 2 magazines minimum, 3 is better, concealment garment, 100 rounds of ammunition, and the willingness to improve your skills. Cost is $10, and well worth every penny!!! Please let me know if you would like to attend this class.

If you have shot three club matches, I strongly encourage you to Join IDPA and shoot a classifier. According to IDPA rules, after the 1st unclassified match, you must join and shoot a classifier. I will be lenient on this rule…but with the large numbers of shooters, we should get a little closer to this rule. We can sign you up for IDPA membership at the club as well, or you can sign yourself up online. Please join and shoot a classifier.

If you have recently received your IDPA membership number, please email Tina with it. [email protected]
If you have any questions, let me know.
Tom Tiethoff

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The South Kent Sportsmans Club IDPA match is CANCELLED.

The 101 and 102 classes will still be running.

Classifiers that have already scheduled classifiers for Saturday, will still be shooting Saturday.
I will need a couple Safety Officers to help run people on Saturday, please let me know if you can help out.

There is no big issues, with us, just too many people with too many things going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you in September,
Tom Tiethoff
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