Idiot Sues Glock For His Own Stupidity

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    Thanks SixG. This article is seriously flawed either way you look at it..therefore FOS
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    Sig, wouldn't a kaboom effect the breech and not necessarily damage the throat or muzzle of the barrel? The damage looks more like round 1 might have been "normal", round 2 a squib (barrel fouled), and then round 3 resulted in the failure of the barrel. If this is the case, the squib went uncleared if not undetected. Another sign perhaps that Mr McDonald was less than attentive, maybe?

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    That's why I don't use Buffalo Bore in my 10. They have 200 grainers at 1300 which is getting to the ragged edge. I stick to Underwood, whom backed theirs down to 1250.
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    When I first saw this thread, I was of the opinion of some others - based upon the linked article, there wasn't enough information to draw a conclusion as to idiot vs non-idiot, who's really at fault, etc.

    However, what caused me the biggest problem was the photo of what appears to be a squib damaged model 35, yet the article linked and others around the web cite the complaint/lawsuit that the subject pistol was a 10mm. That's usually pretty easy info to get from looking at the legal filings, so I had a hard time rectifying those issues. That meant it was time for some Google work.

    Low and behold, after a few minutes of going to some websites, I quickly learned that the photo supplied with the linked article in the OP is, in fact a model 35 which should come as no surprise. However, the photo of said gun in the article is from an incident that occurred in October, 2016, and is not the gun in question from the current lawsuit. Info about the October 2016 incident can be found here: .

    Considering the gun depicted in the article is not correct, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the injured hand photo is not correct either. Just not going to put the work into finding that one.

    So, I'll still maintain my personal opinion as to whether this guy is an idiot or not. Still not enough info for me.

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    Edited because I'm Ann idiot lol
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    No, you missed it completely. The involved gun is not the one in the photo. This was not an issue with the .40. Please take some time to reread what I wrote.

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    Yeah, I see I went reverse there. I read it correctly, but went stupid when I replied lol Sorry about that Dave.
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