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Has anyone ever painted the furniture of there weapons with success? if so what kinda paint?(krylon,brownells)
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Duracoat and cerakote seem to work well, never done it myself, but I've seen a few done very well, and a few that looked terrible. I think the trick is proper prep and a good sprayer.
Go with Duracoat! It will last much longer and look 10x better than Krylon. A lot of 'gun customizers' and gun smith's are applying it (including a few on this forum).
thanks for the replies. ive heard of both of those and they are on my list. Im going to be doing my ak 47's stock and hand guards a dark earth tan. same color as the glock below it


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Get Magpul Flat Dark Earth (or FDE). It matches almost perfectly. :D
where do i get that type ?? links please..;)
This is one of the places to go...there are many more.
It may look darker on the computer, but items I have seen sprayed comes out very close the the Glock OD.

Hit up google and search it and you will find more You can get a whole kit for about 55 bucks (but you will need a small air compressor).
i did lots if info almost to much..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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