Ideas on G19 ejecting rounds back

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by CBS, Apr 16, 2012.

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    At the range this week and about 1 in 10 casings was ejecting directly back...into my face. Disassembled and cleaned did the same the next day. I'm thinking it may be something with the cheap range ammo (Remington). Anyone else have this happen?
  2. kimo

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    My gen3 19 does the same thing. Not sure how many times though. I'll pay more attention next time at the range. But yeah I shoot cheap ammo too so maybe that's it?

  3. nick37

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    I got glock 30 I let my girl shoot it and the shell when between her boobs
  4. 19's can be picky with ammo, what kind are you using? My Federal ammo never hits me, my cheap winchester white box range ammo does it all the time.
  5. voyager4520

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    For 9mm, try some Speer Lawman or Winchester 9mm Nato. If it ejects erratically with either of those, the problem is definitely not the ammo.

    I have a Gen3 G27 that would eject erratically while my G23 ejected fine, both using the same ammo. I tried everything under the sun to fix it, until Glock finally released their new ejectors. I got one of the new ejectors being used in Gen4's, and put it into the Gen3 trigger housing to use in my Gen3 G27. That ejector fixed the problem. One of my relatives has a Gen3 G23 that has the erratic ejection problem. We've tried shooting each others' G23's to make sure the problem is not limp-wristing, and it's not. Using the same ammo and magazines, the ejection problem stays with his G23 while mine ejects fine. I got a new ejector and installed it in his G23, and he's just waiting for some free time to get to the range and try it.

    The new ejectors being used in Gen4's are now available in the newest Gen4 trigger housings. and have both been confirmed to sell the Gen4 9mm trigger housing w/30274 ejector. Only has been confirmed to sell the Gen4 .40 trigger housing w/28926 ejector. All of the other retailers presumably still have the old Gen4 trigger housings with the old 336/1882 ejectors.

    Some people have reported continued erratic ejection with the new ejectors, but once they replace their extractors the ejection usually becomes normal. Here's a picture of the new ejectors, currently there is no new ejector for .45, so I'd suggest replacing the extractor:

    And here's a thread about the new ejectors:
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    Hi guys. I have a fresh out of the box g19 g4 that gives
    Me the same issue. Called glock and they just told me to send it back. Why mess with this stuff if they volunteer to take care of it? I used federal 124 grain ammo so it's not a low grain crap ammo issue. Something happened in the quality control of glock and there are lots of lemons out there
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    I just got my first Glock, a G19, the other day and took a casing or two to the face while shooting my first 120 rounds over the weekend. It doesn't really bother me, I guess because of welding, you can't let a little sting or pain screw up your bead, but i don't weld on a daily basis, but it's just something you are taught in school.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is, "man up". It doesn't hurt that bad, if any. is it really worth sending your gun back for? Not for me...
  8. jt1403

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    In my opinion it has nothing to do with manlihood or anything to that effect. Yes,you're right it's no big deal but As a Leo we learn that this is a sign of an underpaying issue of a potential malfunction to occur later which can be a matter of life and death. So yes, say "man up" when you take one to the gut with your buddy but not with a potentially deadly problem.
  9. bierbrewer

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    Care to elaborate on the more severe malfunction you speak of?
  10. Argyle64

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    The new Gen 4 ejectors are different (twisted) and in fact throw the rounds more in a backward direction. If this were an issue with a 1911 you could just change the bend in your extractor. My Gen4 17 throws 90% of the casings to the right. The other 10% come back at my head. No big deal. Nothing can be perfect 100% of the time.
  11. while I mostly agree with you I'm not sure how you turn this into a potentially deadly problem. I'm curious though.
  12. Nell2Glocks

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    My Gen3 19 sent casings straight back at me yesterday at the range as well, but I attribute it to me using NATO rounds for the first time. I normally shoot Luger.
  13. sgtcowboyusmc

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    In our Search for the right gun for my Daughter She shot my neighbors New Gen 3 G19. The 1st 3 casings hit her in the face. She won't even consider a G19 now. I have told her that is not normal but it will take me some coaxing her to get her to try it again.
  14. mauro3005

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    You can only shoot Luger out of your Glock. Some boxes write 9mm Luger, parabellum etc. an NATO is just the standard 9mm round which is 124gr. Call Glock and see if you have the new ejector in your gun. My 17 used to hit me in the face once in a while. But doesn't anymore. Limp wristing seems to contribute as well sometimes.
  15. voyager4520

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    Glocks were designed for the Austrian Army to shoot 9mm NATO, which is basically a 124gr +P version of 9mm Luger.
  16. jt1403

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    Referring to a FTF (failure to fire or feed) or a stovepipe.
  17. bubbleman

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    I agree. Eratic ejection is a stovepipe waiting to happen and I've had about 6 with my 19 out of about 500rds.
  18. jt1403

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    As a police officer, we take our firearms as our livelyhood. An irratic ejection patter usually leads to either a stove pipe, failure to feel or magazine ejection problem. Take em as red flags. If you are shooting for recreation fine, if you are using the firearm to save your life...that's another story.
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    Mike P. is biting his lip, shaking his head and checking his settings to make sure he is NOT subscribed to this thread, lol.
    (Sorry. The above comment is totally light-hearted speculation only. I have no idea what Mike's doing, lol)

    Me? I'm a greenhorn... ;) ... that's hanging out with veterans, lol.
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  20. I don't know that I can agree with that. My Gen 3 G19 has close to 50,000 or more rounds through it, and has been known to throw all kinds of wacky ejections in it's life. The only jams I have ever seen were easily attributed to me at the time. The pattern is a noticeable result of a successful ejection, not a factor in the actual ejection itself. It is also attributable to factors not necessarily derived from the handgun itself so I'm not sure how a post-action observable factor can be used to lay claim to the action itself.