I own a couple of revolvers now i want a glock

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by urquidez, May 13, 2012.

  1. urquidez

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    I was thing about getting the g17,g19. Or the g20 I like the 20 for it being a 10 mm wut do u guys think?
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  2. GlockIt

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    Well the first step is to introduce yourself in the introduction thread!!!! Now for your question, If your getting the gun to conceal carry I'd reccomend the 19, for HD either three will do. I conceal carry a 17 and a 20. For the 20 some people have issues finding ammo for it so that can be a problem. If your getting a range gun get the 17. It's really up to you and the use you plan on putting your glock through that will answer your question

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    OP...changed your title to make it fit.

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    Ditto on what GlockIt said. I would recommend going to the range and shooting different models before you purchase, or just get the all.

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  5. I own a Glock 20. I also have a KKM conversion barrel in .357 Sig and a Lone Wolf conversion barrel in .40 S&W. IMO of all the Glock models, it gives me so much versatility - carrying the G20 in 10mm when I need full power loads, and either of the other calibers at other times. All with the same recoil spring (so far) and mags.