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  1. Since I read a lot of times in this ammo sub forum that "this ammo is dirtier then this ammo" or "this ammo is really clean shooting compared to this ammo" I was wondering if you wonderful forum members would be willing to take part in showing just how dirty the ammo you are shooting is?

    You can take a pic of the gun at the range (if they allow you to bring in cameras) right when you are threw shooting telling how many rounds you put threw it and what brand of ammo you were shooting. You can all so wait till you get home then take a pic of the crud your ammo produces.

    It would all so be a good idea that you fully clean your glock before you hit the range, that way all the crud will be from that shooting session. Instead of having a few shooting sessions build up. That way the pic will be more accurate on how dirty the ammo is.

    This way we can see first hand how truly dirty the different ammo brands out there are. I know our glocks will get dirty no matter what brand of ammo we use but just how dirty will they get?

    So what do you guys think? Would a thread like this be worth having around or not?

    Thanks for your time!
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  2. StevenRoberts73

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    I think this is a great idea i'm very interested to see how this would turn out. I myself shoot alot of federal champion .40 s/w in my G23 gen.4 and I have a few boxes of cheap tulammo .40 s/w to do a comparison.

  3. EvilD

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    are we ballerinas or gun enthusiasts?
  4. Who says ballerinas can't be gun enthusiasts? I can't be pretty when I shoot? lmao [​IMG]

    Yea I really don't see this thread taking off. 80 people have viewed it and out of that only 4 voted. With 1 yes and 3 no.
  5. glocknloaded

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    How can you tell how many viewed ?

    I am for it why not. I have some Remington UMC so next time I hit the range I'll do a report afterwards.

    I always glean my glock after every use so it's no big deal to me. I won't be wearing a tutu though that your on your own :)
  6. havasu

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    Why the poll? If someone benefits from what is shown, then we all win! Who would like to spend some time at the range with a few boxes of various ammunition and a camera?
  7. Kmurray96

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    Be great if someone used a high-speed camera to actually compare the muzzle blasts. That could be very telling in what our ammo is actually doing.
  8. Happysniper1

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    Hello, StevenRoberts73, and WELCOME to the Forum!

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  9. Click on the ammo & reloading sub-forum and look all the way to your right and you will see how many people have viewed you post and how many people have responded to it.

    I did the poll to see how many people would be interested in this type of info. If it would be a wast of time or not but reading what you wrote I guess if one person benefited from this then it wouldn't be a wast.

    Yes it would and by all means if anyone want to do that go for it! I wont be cause I don't have the funds to get a high speed camera :p.

    Well next time I hit the range here in a week or two (running out of .45 ammo :p) I'll start documenting things. Who knows we just might find out something interesting about our ammo that we didn't know.

    P.S. Sorry i wont be in a tutu for this one. Going to save that one for competition shooting to distract everyone lol ;)
  10. Id be interested for a few clicks... Depending on how informative people are.

    I also question why the poll? Just make a thread, put in there what you would like and ask for others to contribute.