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So I was reading today that Nevada no longer honors Utah's CCW permit. Any suggestions where I should get my permit from? I currently have mine for Oregon and would like to carry in Washington and Idaho. I was going to pick up Utah's CCW until I found out about Nevada.

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Effective 1 September 2010, NV rescinded all reciprocity. In order to carry concealed in NV, a valid NV CCW permit is required.

Permits are issued after the applicant has taken a mandatory minimum 8-hour training course and passed the exam at the end of the course. Live fire and certification is included.

There are no distinctions between Resident and Non-Resident permit, there is only the CCW Permit. Application fee is $100.25 and includes biometrics fees. Application processing can take up to 90 days, with the permit card being sent to the applicant's address of record. There is no "temporary" permit, applicant cannot carry concealed without the actual permit card in possession. Permit is valid for 5 years from date of issuance.

Effective 1 July 2011, there are only two firearm categories on the permit: revolver and semiauto. Qualifying for a revolver in the class will entitle the bearer to carry any revolver, same with semiauto. Also, for FFL purchases by permitees whose permits were issued on or after 1 July 2011, the permitee is is excempted from paying the NICS check fee for firearms purchases for the life of the permit.

The required training class must be a state-certified class given by and certified by NRA certified instructors who are also certified as Instructors by the Sheriff's Office with jurisdiction over their place of training. For out-of-state applicants, they must complete and submit the application to the SO with jurisdiction over where they toook the class. Training classes must be not less than 8 hours long, and must contain discussion on the legal aspects of having a firearm (definitions, limitations, use of deadly force, concealed carry in public, justifiable and excusable homicide) and mechanics of delivering an accurately aimed pistol shot, firearms maintenance, firearms and holster choice, methods of concealed carry, weapon retention and takedown, and include a statewide standardized exam approved by the Nevada Chief's And Sheriff's Association.

NV is an open carry state, which means any person otherwise legally entitled to be in possession of a handgun can carry openly in public, loaded or unloaded, with the firearm "clearly visible to casual observation from the front" and there must never be any chance of the weapon being covered by any article of clothing (coat, jacket, windbreaker, etc). There are places that restrict the open carry provision of the law, and there are instances and locations where it is ethically improper although legal to do so.

NV law is silent on carry of a handgun in a car. This means (with certain excemptions) that a loaded handgun can be carried concealed in a car (or other vehicle such as RV, motor home, motorcylce, quad, etc) without a CCW Permit, PROVIDED that the firearm is not on your person (on your belt, ankle holster on your leg, etc) and that it is not in any kind of purse, handbag, clutch, messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack or other item that can be easily carried on your person, EXCEPT for in Clark County (the Greater Las Vegas area including the cities of Hendersen and Boulder), and in these areas a CCW permit is requried to have a loaded gun in the car (in the City of North Las Vegas, without a CCW permit, it is illegal to carry a firearm of any type, loaded or unloaded, in the car).

It is illegal throughout the State to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in any car, truck, RV, motorhome, water vessel, or other vehicle of transport, and this is a Game and Wildlife restriction. Note that the Taurus Judge series of revolvers are considered revolvers even if loaded with .410-gauge shotshells (under CA law, they are considered short-barreled shotguns and are illegal).

It is illegal (under Tribal Law) to carry any manner of firearm, loaded or unloaded, assembled or disassembled, concealed or open, on your person or in your vehicle (any vehicle) when on Tribal Land, with or without a CCW permit. The exception is on any road maintained by the State, City or County: while on these roads (and 15" on either side of the road), armed citizens (with or without CCW permit) enjoy the protection of free transit of a firearm. Tribal Law (Independent Nations) supercede Federal and State Laws when on their land.

Clark County (Greater Las Vegas Area, including Henderson and Boulder) is the only jurisdiction that requires a CCW permit to have a loaded handgun in the car. It is also the only jurisdiction that requires residents there to register all handguns. A person is considered a resident if he/she purchases or a residential property, or rents or leases a temporary property (condo, apartment, RV parking slot) for a period of 30 days or more; residents are required to register all handguns within 24 hours. Temporary residents whose stay is less than 30 days are not considered residents.

With a CCW permit, concealed carry in Casinos is allowed, even with No Gun signs posted on the property. However, if the property owner asks the armed guest to leave, he/she must immediately comply or be guilty of trespassing (misdemeanor trespass or trespass with criminal intent). This also applies to banks and other such private enterprises, when on private property.

Carry of any type, with or without a permit, is illegal on the premises of any Federal, State, or Local government or subdivision thereof, including airports, schools, day care centers, and any division of the Nevada System For Higher Education. Certain restrictions may apply that would allow carry on these properties selectively, none of which would apply to non-NV Residents.

I hope that helps, E_Ross, and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have...

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