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I need some sweet glock mods

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Was looking at my service glock which is my G17 gen 4 today and I came to the conclusion that I wanna customize it! Where is the best site to order custom parts from? Also anybody wanna post pics on here of their customs let me see em
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The Glock Store, Lone Wolf, Glockmeister, Rock Your Glock all carry parts. I've ordered from Lone Wolf and The Glock Store before, great service from both, good prices too. I'd just hit all 4 web sites and look around, compare prices and see what you'd want to do. Start simple and work your way into that $2000 custom that you'd love to have,LOL:D
Gen 3 21. Failzero coated slide and barrel, chrome pin and slide stop set.

Rectangle Wood Tints and shades Gas Automotive exterior

Custom slide plate.

Audio equipment Cameras & optics Camera accessory Gadget Bumper


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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