I like a full size gun

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by dutchs, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I felt like i was being unusally indecisive about buying my next gun, I want to have a 45 along with my 380 and 9mm , i bought the glock 30 sf and took it home and sat with it in my hand all night trying to get the feel of a big bore compact, i just couldnt get a good feel about. I came to the conclusion I am most comfortable with a full frame gun in my hand so I traded it for a Glock 21 gen 4. It is exactly what i like. What i am getting at is a gun is no use even when you want to carry if you dont like shooting it, i will just make the appropriate accomidations to carry my 21, bigger shirt etc. And if i feel i have to have total conceal i will use my awesome Foxx IWB holster for my SR9 or put the 380 in my pocket. Have my 21 in my hand and have fallen in love with. Please don't tell my wife!
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    Understand completely, I prefer to carry my G-22 or G-20, but due to comfort, I have the G-27 now for CCW.