I hope you find this as disgusting as I did.

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by Ghost23, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Ghost23

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    Bill Maher on how we should "limit our guns" because the second amendment is "outdated."

  2. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Don't even have to watch! He already is a non person to me!

  3. wrpNYFL

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    +1 on Dutchs... My daughter was a NY Mets fan, (I know, I know), but anyway, since Maher bought into the Mets, she has disavowed her fanship. Gotta love this girl!
  4. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    He can gtfo for all I care.
  5. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Good daughter!
  6. wrpNYFL

    wrpNYFL Premium Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Absolutely the best!
  7. Bill Maher says many things that piss me off. His mockery of Christians and this.
  8. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    I'm not even going to watch it. He and others like him are simple minded fools.
  9. I would say theyre naive minded.
  10. What they are to ignorant or naive to realize is that the 2nd amendment was written to arm the people to the extent of posing enough of a significant threat to not only our enemies, but to our own government-in order to keep them in check. That idea is still relevent to this day. Even if the "people" and "government" were to engage in another civil war, the prospect of the military retaining its same strength is just plain dumb. Service men and women have a mind of their own, a mind which makes desicions based on its own morals, ethics, and opinions. Im going to go ahead and make the assumption that most military personnel lean to the right on the subject of the 2nd amendment. Im going to stop rambling, the more I think of those two idiots, the more slimey I feel.
  11. ok, a little more. Just look at afghanistan, they are putting up a significant fight against us with not even a fraction of the technology and power we have. We did it against the british in the revolution.
  12. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    I felt like I needed a shower after watching that.
  13. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    Didn't watch him when he has Politically Incorrect. Really haven't watched him since he got booted for his 911 comments.

    My computer can't process the language I'd have to use to fully express my dislike of the guy. I'll just stop now.
  14. Kmurray96

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    I believe in Kharma.

    I'm waiting for Maher to get his inevitable Kharma smackdown.:D

    As far as I'm concerned, Maher is so tafiki-taboo, when his Kharma comes to him, I want to be in another whole state.

    Who knows? Maybe he'll get caught in a motel room with Obama. One can hope.
  15. glocknloaded

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    Thought this would go good here

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  16. Kmurray96

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    Okay...how I really feel about the guy.

    I wouldn't cross the street to pi*s in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
  17. Levelcross

    Levelcross New Member

    That is why I didn't watch it.

    I guess he feels the 2nd Amendment is out dated but not the first Amendment???
    The way I see it they are all good or all outdated, so which is it BM(Bowel Movement)?:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    On Judgement Day I hope that I am not in line behind him.
  18. cutlass327

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    This is something I don't like. They are saying that the 2A is outdated. That is like how someone has said that the American Flag and the National Anthem should be changed because they are so oppressive to other nations. I fear that it is their way of trying to get the sheeple out there away from the traditional and patriotic feelings of the USA, and demand a "Change" to a whole different mindset.

    There is a reason they don't want people to feel positive an safe around guns. There is a reason that the Flag and Anthem mean what they do to other countries. We BUILT those feelings by using our will to be free, and to stop the oppression out there that others may have been going thru from other countries (think WWI and WWII). If you think that our Flag and our Traditions are oppressive, you must not understand why they are our traditions.
  19. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    The "Outdated" reasoning is deeply flawed. If one amendment is deemed outdated, then all others written in the same time period must be outdated also. Liberals usually turn funny colors when you postulate that perhaps "Freedom of Speech" might be outdated (liberal speech):). If anything the years it has been in place give it more standing & credibility. the Supreme Court values Starry Decisis quite heavily when judging law. At least I hope they still do.
  20. xxlrg

    xxlrg New Member

    Just sickening. That whole video just made me sick.