I have no use for the 40S&W ctg.

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  1. I know I may step on toes with this thread but I just have to say it, I have NO USE for the 40S&W ctg. I know it's been a boon to LEO's all over the Country, that it has decent ballistics and a high one shot stop percentage but personally I just don't care for the recoil impulse and don't feel that in the real world it's any better then the 9x19mm+P or the 45acp. If I want capacity out of my handgun I'll go with a 9x19mm, if I want size I'll go with the 45acp but I think the 40cal is half to small and half not big enough IMHO.
    I remember years ago when I was working part time at a gun store in Phoenix, AZ. A young Asian guy came into the store looking for a handgun. I ask if he'd seen the new(at the time)40S&W handguns and he told me "It's just a fad, not a World Cartridge like the 9mm is." and really, I do think I understand what he was talking about. Out side of the U.S. what other Country has adopted the 40S&W? As popular as it is here in the States if you travel abroad where would you find ammo for it. The 9x19mm and even the 45acp have been around long enough to have a following in just about every Country in the World, can't say the same for the 40cal.
    It IS an effective round but really does nothing the 9mm+P or 45acp can't do and the recoil impulse is just too hard for many to get use to. I actually find my 45acp easier to shoot then ANY 40cal I've ever owned.
    Still, this is a free Country, if you like the 40 that's cool but personally I just don't see what all the fuss is about. JMHO, YMMV. :cool:
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    I don't own anything in 40 or 45 just 9 but I look forward to the responses.. I am sure Dutchs will be along in the mourning

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    I respect your opinion. I like the 40 cal. It is my caliber of choice but that dose not mean it works for everyone. I am a firm believer that you should carry what you feel comfortable with.
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    To each his own I guess. I love my three glock 40's. I also have different guns for different purposes. My 40 is defiantly not gods gift, but it does fit my needs great. But I sure do love my 27 much more than my 9mm but I do carry my 40 more as their is no hammer to jab into me love handles ;).
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    And dutches ?? Here it comes .
  6. BLASPHEMY!!! Everyone knows that the 40 is "almost" as good as the 10mm. I have three 40's so it must be true! Lol
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    ......weak 10mm i think is what he meant to say :)
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    I'm not a fan of .40, although I gotta say it's not a bad defensive round. My old Glock 30 felt a lot smoother and I shot better with it than I did with my SIG P229R in .40 (and even then I shot damn well with my old trusty SIG)
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    Hey!! How could some one not love the .40??:mad: Just kidding Frank! You know, we use a lot of things here they don't use in the rest of the world. like many of our electronics are made just for here, we make cars and they make car ("they"the rest of the worl) that we can't use and they can't use. Geez, in other parts of the world they dirve on the wrong side of the road for crying out loud. So to me. What's a little caliber that we have that they do not use. To me, They don't know what they are missing. IMHO, it's a great shooter.Oh, And I have 9,.40.45 and I think they all serv a nice niche in my shooting habits.But of couse that's not to say it will in yours. I just think you didn't want to buy another die to reload with or have to use another formula:D:D Just Kidding!!!
  11. Why, thank you 10mil, I would say that's what I was getting at. I love my 40's, my 45's, and even enjoy my one 9 mm, but a 10mm, they are not!! : )
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    I bet .357sig is US only too & I want BOTH!! :)
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    Great then, don't buy any Frank. If you can't handle the round go for something smaller, or softer. That's why GLOCk built models in different calibers right?

    Some folks are good shots and made not have a need for a higher capacity mag. but want the extra stopping power. If one shot can get the job done, the shooter has not only saved rounds but the time it takes to place it, right? Just a thought of, when you need to serve ones on all in tactical priority, then follow up with second or third servings.

    But I'm curious as to why you bring this up. You of all people know that you are bordering on a caliber war with your question stated as an answer, to a question never asked. And you even stated that you knew you might upset the apple cart (step on some toes).

    Yes, in the history of firearms, the 9mm is world renowed. But why Frank? Could it have anything more to do than it is designated as a NATO round? Or, could it be because the laws of many countries restrict the caliber their citizens can own?

    :cool:I guess you know I like the larger caliber rounds but, they are so impersonal. By golly, I would rather shoot the BG with a 22 or a 380 because then I have to get close enough to see the fear in their eyes and smell the sweat from their glands as they knowingly prepare to die. The larger caliber weapons do the same job but I can do it from the sitting position of my lawn chair.

    Well like it is said, "Everyone has an opinion." Oh, I'm sorry, that should have read, "Opinions are like......" oh nevermind! :D I'm just so stinking happy to live in a country where I can make the choice of what size/caliber round I can own!

    OBTW, I forgot to add that I do shoot thousands of 9mm a month now. Use it in competition and download it for the lady too. I started shooting the same load so I can transition faster between targets now. Lot's of fun and it is a cheap round to reproduce as compared to the GAP or the 10mm.

    Think I'll go burn some up up tonight! How 'bout you Frank?
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  14. Wow, thanks Frank! I thought I really liked my G23, but now that you've told me it is useless, I will throw it away.

    Thankfully, I have pistols in 9MM (capacity) and .45 ACP (power) that meet your approval. I'll be sure to use those, although you have a 30 and mistakenly bought a 21. Dang!

    One question...when you contacted Glock and told them to stop wasting time and resources building their .40 cal pistols, did they tell you they would get right on it, or did they give you the tired old corporate run around about consumer choice, popular demand and making money?
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    Quote of the day! :) Love it!

    I have no use for the .40 right now. Reason? I don't own a .40 at the moment. I shoot 9's, and love em. I will shoot anything that is in front of me. You know the saying..."Why choose Glock, because 10,000 police officers can't be wrong?" They all use different calibers, but today, a lot use .40. So, whats wrong with that? Nothing! Cost maybe, but that is why there are still plenty of 17s, 19s, 26s, and 34s on the market! ;) But soon, I will probably own a 22,23,24,or 35! :) Then I will have a use for a .40!
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  16. Please note, in my original post I NEVER said the 40 S&W was a "bad" cartridge or that it wasn't an Effective cartridge. I simply said that "I" have no use for it because I don't think it can do anything any better then a good 9x19mm+P or a 45acp can do.
    I'm also not a wuss when it comes to handgun recoil, God knows I've owned my share of 41mags, 44mags and even a Taurus Raging Bull in 454Casull. Those are all powerful hunting cartridges that work great on deer size game out to 100 yards or so and recoil isn't a problem with them because you'd expect that from them.
    As far as using something "something smaller, or softer", I guess if you consider the 45acp to be "smaller"(which it's not) or "softer"(which I also don't think it is) then I guess that's what I've done.
    As for the 357Sig, never owned one but it does have some pretty impressive ballistics but nothing that the 38Super +P can't do. Wish Glock would bring out a large frame pistol(G20/21 size) chambered for the 38Super. You'd probably get what, 20 rounds in a mag that size with the Super and have a very controllable handgun.
    No disrespect to the 40S&W or the guys/gals that like it, just saying that I don't have any use for it. That's all. :rolleyes:
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    Frank is entitled to his opinion and to express his opinion, right? This is the internet after all and a forum where we are supposed to have free and civil exchanges of ideas without insinuated attacks or condescending responses.

    There are a couple of posters in this thread and on the forum in general that come across as being so much more superior than the others. Say what they want, the tone of their posts adequately reflect their disdain for other people's opinions. This may not be the case and may just be how things are typed and then read but I'm sure it's enough to cause people to question their membership in the forum.

    I'm sure Frank posted this to generate discussion and I'm fairly certain he didn't post it to insult anyone or be insulted in return.

    I happen to like .40 in the G23, but I also love shooting 9mm. Frank just stated why it's a useless round to HIM and didn't say anything against those of us who like .40.

    Geez, people. Relax. :rolleyes: Just because you're on the internet and you own a gun, or you shoot a lot doesn't make you the "Expert" on these matters.

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    I think with the 40 you get the best of both 9 and 45. You almost get the power of the 45 and you almost get the round count of the 9, but you don't have to carry TWO guns with you at the same time :)
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    To each his own I guess. I don't see the 40 as a miracle bullet, nor the be all end all, but it is a good compromise of magazine capacity, size, and speed between the 45 and the 9mm