"I hate Glocks" Youtube Video

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Lodestone1968, May 18, 2012.

  1. Lodestone1968

    Lodestone1968 New Member

    Saw this video today as mentioned on "The Armory Channel".
    As a Glock fan I couldn't help but chuckle.


  2. jcrobert1983

    jcrobert1983 New Member

    Lol I don't get the whole can't grab the slide thing. I've never had a problem with it. If you are going to be a Glock hater at least come up with a valid reason
  3. jmiles50

    jmiles50 New Member

    Gun battles??? I believe they DO happen everyday. Yeah, I guess once he becomes a man he'll be able to rack that slide. Obviously, a COMPLETE idiot!!!!
  4. Matthew780

    Matthew780 Very Sensitive Guy (^;)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... That was hilarious, LOL!
  5. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

  6. wrpNYFL

    wrpNYFL Premium Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    That was hysterical! Stupid, ignorant, but hysterical...
  7. jmiles50

    jmiles50 New Member

    I didn't see this last month
  8. I didn't find that humorous at all. Even if I wasn't a Glock fan, that video is just full of a lot of ignorant, inaccurate information.

  9. rGlock36

    rGlock36 New Member

    Funny, but that only proves that a Glock doesn't have to fire a round to beat someone down. Simply add pillow case, ammo optional, lol.
  10. Lodestone1968

    Lodestone1968 New Member

    I searched on my phone and didn't see the video listed. So sorry about the last month comments. Still pretty funny.
  11. wrpNYFL

    wrpNYFL Premium Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Jim, you're absolutely right about it... But it is still funny.

  12. Bammustafa

    Bammustafa New Member

    Haha what idiot. That's what my girlfriend looks like trying to rack the slide (she's 105 pounds with weak hands). What's that say about that ignorant puss.
  13. bturner76

    bturner76 Glockified

    Glocks are great but doesn't mean you can't own others , but if this guy doesn't like them so much then why buy it or better yet just sell it and quit hating.
  14. zachG23

    zachG23 New Member

    He can't grab the slide because he has little girl hands hahahahahahah
  15. Glock897

    Glock897 Member

    Does anyone else think the grip is too big? I have a hogue grip on mine and still don't think they're too big. I don't have an issue with the angle either. Same angle as my Sig 230.
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  16. i dont think the grip is to big, hell i love my G23. that guy is on something but yea that vid was pretty stupid. though i do gotta figure out y i keep shooting to the left and up a lil bit of my target when im shooting.
  17. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is too much... Well he caught me good peaking between the bushes in camo!!!!!!! The slide thing is crazy, I never had a problem but I pulled it back like a man..... I'm putting him up for an Oscar