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I got the itch!

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Want to add a G26 to my family. I love my 19, but was thinking about a 26 for better concealment and comfort.
Does anyone have both and if so is the carrying the 26 more comfortable?
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27 here but same size... I also use to have a 19. The 27 is MUCH easier to carry. I really couldnt go IWB with the 19.
I traded my 19 for a 26 just for that same reason.
I should add that money is an issue and I would have to save up.
Save up with a no interest layaway! I use Duck Creek Armory. 6 months same as cash. I've delt with them a long time and am happy to do it this way. Sometimes, the wife, finds a reason to spend the money that I'm saving for a new Glock xx. By putting it on lay away, the money goes to a good cause. (ie. ME) BTW, I am not affiliated with Duck Creek. I just like doing business with them.

ALSO, if you change your mind and want to get a different Glock model, no problem. The money paid in is not refundable but proceeds can be applied to a different gun...that is a cool deal. I originally wanted a 19 but decided instead to get a 23. An e-mail later...done deal!

DOWNSIDE: only the last payment can be applied to a credit card. They will take personal checks, cashiers check, MO and I believe paypal for downstrokes or interem payment, but no CC.

Check em out if you wish.
I do have both the 19 and 26. Either one is a great comfortable carry pistol. The 26 would make a great addition to your Glock family.


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Hi there!

I have both the G19 and the G26. I love them both and they are both used for different occasions, but I have to admit the G26 is easier to conceal.

Don't trade your G19, save some money and buy the G26. You are going to love having both.
I have a G17G4 and a G19C love them both and am going to get the G26G4 need to order it but will do this week. I CC with both of my Glocks comfortably in white hat holster for tucked in situations ( work, church, formal functions) and for untucked, shorts or pj's I carry in remora 10 series love both of these holsters! Once I have these 3 then moving on to 3 .40 SW Glocks and so it will go until I have them in all cal. Available ( insert evil laugh here )
I use an IWB on my 19, but maybe I'm just a bigger dude.

Figure it this way, 19 becomes a range gun and the 26 becomes an EDC, win/win :D
Keep going guys, you're talking me into it ;)
I have both as well. I use my 26 for carry and my 19 for GSSF matches. I love shooting both of them. You can't go wrong having one of each.
I have both the G26 & G19 (both Gen4s) and love them both! G26 for CC and the G19 for bedside/home defense. Get them both - you'll love 'em!
If it helps I want to get a 19 gen4 also to go with my 21 g4....... kind of a support group here! When I start to CC I have a Ruger SR40C that seems to be good for the task.....
I just have to make sure the wifey doesn't read this thread............. or get the key to the safe!! lol
I also carry a G26 for ease of concealment. Living in Florida we are in shorts and t shirts 11 months outta the year so we don't usually have the extra layers to cover it up .
Yep...both is better and I just added a Gen 4 21 to my family, you know, for obvious reasons. :[email protected]
"Because I can!".
I'm taking my sig sauer p230sl to the gun store to see what I can get for it. If the price is right, I may get the G26. Wish me luck.
Glock897 said:
I'm taking my sig sauer p230sl to the gun store to see what I can get for it. If the price is right, I may get the G26. Wish me luck.
Good luck and good choice. Can't go wrong with a Glock.
One gun shop was not interested in my sig :( I'll try another one tomorrow.
The 19 is a wonderful all around gun. I have CCd it with little trouble. The reason I bought a 26 was because the 19 is really my wife's gun and I liked the look and feel of the 26. I have an XDm 3.8 9mm compact, so I don't need a 19, but I want one.

What I'm saying is the 19 will fulfill all your needs.
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