Washington I 591 or I 594

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by badjuju, Apr 18, 2014.

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    I'm all for gun control that keeps guns out if the hands of nut cases and criminals. There are two types of people. Those for whom it's fine or even good to have a gun, and those who should not be allowed to have a gun. People who shouldn't have a gun that get guns are the biggest threat to 2A rights. Background checks can protect your 2A rights.

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    I would agree that criminals and psychos shouldn't be able to have guns... the problem is that these people don't buy firearms through legal means anyway. Another gun control law only infringes on the law abiding citizen's right to keep and bear arms... and the more little gun control laws there that we accept, the easier it will be to implement larger and more restrictive laws. It's all about what we are willing to accept. They can't just outright ban them, so they are trying the tactic of a slow erosion of our rights over time.

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    First and foremost I respect your opinion. I also urge you to follow your conscience when you cast your vote, regardless of the issue at hand or the candidate in question.

    I believe that the biggest threat to our 2A is the lack of strong enforcement of existing gun laws. You are correct in saying that some people shouldn't have firearms, however, there are myriad laws that effectively address who is or isn't allowed to own a firearm. To believe that one more gun law will be a panacea is somewhat credulous. I would need far more evidence of efficacy before I could support an initiative such as I 594.
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    Tell me again how a waiting period isn't infringement.

    Also, if someone isn't currently in jail or on probation haven't they repaid their debt to society? Why are we okay with revoking their 2A rights for life? Especially when those that choose to remain criminals already procure their guns illegally in the first place?

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