Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by dwcfastrice, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Good morning Ladies and Gents,

    Just a friendly reminder to hydrate.

    I had the unfortunate "honor" to put myself into a situation where I suffered from heat exhaustion yesterday. Totally ruined my Sunday.

    I left the house and said to myself, "it's hot today, maybe I should bring some water". Then said, "nah, I'll only be outside for a couple of hours". :rolleyes: A couple hours was all it took.


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  2. G-23

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    And a good dose of heat exhaustion can put you down for a week or more trying to recover.

    Once you have been nailed it comes on quicker the next time around too.

    Thanks for the reminder, times are bad enough we don't need to lose work output to health now....

  3. I have a friend in Phoenix, AZ. that suffered Heat Stroke a few years ago and he'll never get over it. Guess once it happens your body just won't tolerate the heat ever again.
    It has been unusually hot the last few days, even got to 102*F here in Crossville, that's just crazy hot and in Cookeville, where my wife works it hit 106*F the other day. Never heard of that before, normally this time of year we're about 90-92*F.
    Wonder if all the sun spot activity has anything to do with the hotter then normal temps? :confused:
  4. rjrivero

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    No way. It's greenhouse gasses from all the ammo we shoot. Just ask a libtard. They'll tell you!!:p

    Thanks for the reminder. Spent yesterday on the range with my brothers burning up a case of ammo. My brother is visiting from Arizona, and the "humid heat" was kicking our asses!