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    So I have finally joined the "Glock Forum" and am really enjoying the great insights and information available...I'll get a profile pic up soon, still working out the bugs right now.

    A bit about me...I own a G19...or should I say owned...took my wife and kids shooting today with the plan of trying out my new G19, and had my wife send a few rounds down range and now she loves the dang thing so much it has become hers!!! Guess that's what you get when you share your Glock.

    So on to my question, I have been reading a lot of posts about the G20. I am an outdoorsman, and live out west where there are too many lions and black bears, and while I plan to pick up another new G19 for my CCW, I need another rig for my outdoor activities and the G20 has piqued my interest. I already own a 45 ACP (non Glock...I know, the horror!!!) that has been my woods gun, but I've always felt a bit under gunned with it in the woods. I am concerned about the availability of ammo for the G20 so I have been tinkering with the idea of a 357 mag, or a 44 mag, but I love the capacity of the G20, the light weight, as well as the near 41 mag ballistics...can anyone direct me to some threads on this subject (I have searched but have not found a bunch on the forum to date), or offer their insight on the G20 as a mountain gun, solutions for the lack of available ammo, etc.

    Sorry if this is an oft repeated question from newbies like me...any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum havik72 !!
  4. Welcome to the forum my friend!!! +1 for the 20, but I also like 10mm..... its got a lil bit more pop than the .45 IMO (in my opinion)
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    Thanks all!!

    I plan to hit the gun store tomorrow to try one out at the range. I'll report back if I get home a few dollars lighter!
  6. Best of luck to you tomorrow and have some safe and happy shooting!!!
  7. Sorry for the late welcome......WELCOME!!
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    Hello, Havik72, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    About your question, the availability of 10mm ammo (for the G20) can sometimes be problematic. Would you consider looking at say a G21, G30 or G30 or similar, in .45ACP, which is about as common (but more expensive) than the 9mm you already buy for your G19, but may be cheaper and easier to find than 10mm ammo?

    Not saying one is better than the other, but in terms of being able to practice shooting in terms of economy, you already got a 9mm, maybe you should give the .45ACP (or even the .40S&W) a look because of the cost of ammo factor.

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    Thanks Happysniper1 for the advice...only problem I see is the trail gun aspect. I love the 45 ACP I currently shoot, but i feel under gunned in the woods where I encounter mountain lion (not such a concern for the 45) and black bear. The G20 seemed to solve the weight and capacity problem of the 357 mag and 44 mag that is typically used for such scenarios, and still provided enough energy to give me that warm fuzzy feeling while romping through the Rockies!

    It may be that I just need to buy in bulk and store enough to go for an extended period to avoid the times when ammo is hard to find.
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    Ohhh! Crap, I see what you mean lieu of a second G19 would I consider a G30 or similar? That's a good thought. I would probably go 45 ACP in lieu of 40 just due to past a preference for these rounds, but to be honest, I am trying to consolidate on the different types of ammo I am stocking right now (currently about 8 different calibers, so I am trying to consolidate a bit!!!

    thanks for the suggestion!
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    Good Morning havik72, & welcome to you. Where out west are you trekking around? I'm in Western Nevada, and perfectly comfortable toting my G 21 Gen 4 out in the wilderness, there are plenty of ammo choices for deep penetration, I just switch to what's better for what I might have to deal with.
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    Welcome to the Forum! Sorry about losing your G19 but I'm really glad your wife enjoys it. :) Wives make the best shooting partners. I have a G19 and G26 gen 4 and love them. The G20 is an excellent choice for hunting backup. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    Where out west do I trek?

    Thanks all for the warm reception...I really appreciate it!

    SeventiesWreckers, I romp about near your neck of the woods in Utah and Wyoming. We are getting into wolf, lion, and black bear quite frequently where I elk hunt. The lions are not such a concern, and the wolves are manageable, but the packs we have started seeing recently make for nervous backwoods trips with my 45 ACP.
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    GAgal, awesome avatar!!! Love it!!!

    Thanks for the welcome, and I agree, range time with my wife and kids is a real treat. I guess trading my brand new Glock for such memorable family time is something I can live with.
  16. I dunno, I taught mine to shoot and i know someday I will regret it LOL
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    HAHAHA!!! Hadn't thought of that, perhaps I should swap her for an air soft before she gets any ideas