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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by NvRBanArms, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. NvRBanArms

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    How do u guys feel about keeping two Glocks, a 21/27 at bedside in a small desktop safe cocked with one in the pipe. Do u think u would be fine if u had to open it in a hurry all shook up in darkness and grab one out without pulling the trigger on accident or what? Just want some friendly input. I have practiced it but still worries me that there is one in the chamber on em and easy to accidentally pull the trigger ISHTF. But I also don't want to have to rack the slide because that could cost your life.
  2. Webphisher

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    Practice practice practice. Muscle memory will keep you alive in tense situations. The best thing I can say is put in a blank mag and cock it. Then keep practicing. If the trigger ever resets you'll see you just ND'ed. If you really want, have someone set you a random alarm and grab the gun in that condition when you wake up. That will tell you real fast if your muscle memory is set.

  3. jimmyalbrecht

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    I keep mine in a holster. It tales an extra half a second to get it out, plus it stops me from accidentally pulling the trigger.
  4. Moose

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    I keep my Glock 23 in my concealed Carry holster loaded (hollow points of course) with an extra mag in the holster.

    My fiancé has the shotgun on her side of the bed (underneath it) with home defense rounds.

    I can get out of my bed, grab my Glock, and be ready to go in under 5 seconds. Given that my hallway to my bedroom takes longer than 5 seconds to traverse I find this is a decent time. I'm sure adrenaline would shave off a second or two.
  5. jimmyalbrecht

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    I have mine sitting right next to my head (I sleep on my left side) in the ready position. So when my hand falls naturally to that side, my hand is on the grip and I pull it out of the holster, and I'm ready to go.
  6. SquadCapt4

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    Keep my 23 in a bedside drawer, 13 + 1 so there's always one in the chamber. The practice makes muscle memory is a good idea. Part of that muscle memory is placing your trigger finger along side the frame and off the trigger until you are absolutely ready to fire if need be. Biggest thing I don't like about keeping it in a safe is the extra time and trying to remember the combination when the shtf.
  7. series11

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    This is what I do. The best Glock Safety is a holster and when I take it out it is ready to go.
  8. I keep my G30 on my desk behind me, fully loaded and one down the pipe. My ammo is Winchester Ranger RA45TP +P (Talon Hollow Point) :D
  9. iGlock

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    I keep mine in a holster as well as put away...
  10. NvRBanArms

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    Forgot to add. When it's in my safe, before I go to bed, I key in the first digits of the code so all I have to do is hit the last digit then open it. Figured that's better than having to key in all digits.
  11. CCSir

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    I would figure if you have it in a safe next to your bed then you will be fine. If it wasn't in a safe then I would suggest (what I and others do) putting it in a holster on your nightstand.

    I'm not concerned about my guns going off. I'm more concerned about being half awake and grabbing for my gun in a panic and bumping the trigger. Anyone would have a lot of room to cover.For the extra millisecond it might take it is worth the extra bit of security.

  12. Euromax

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    My dog will let me know if something is going on! And I will have time take even shower before I kill that Idiot!
  13. TheKraken

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    I keep my G36 on the end table beside my recliner and when I go to bed i set it on top of my nightstand beside my bed. I also have my G17 and my Browning High Power loaded in the drawer of my nightstand and my Remington 870 12 gauge under the bed.
  14. I have my Glock 35 and my Ruger P95 in my night stand next to me. My wife has her Kel-Tec 380 and her Ruger SR22 in her drawer next to her. Then we have a 20" machete and a 12 ga mossberg in the closet!!! So I would say we are pretty ready for what comes in our room!!!!
  15. TheKraken

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    Amen brother!!!!
  16. CCSir

    CCSir Well-Known Member Supporter

    And then some!;)
  17. fls348

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    +1 on this, although I'm not sure I'd have the time for a shower...maybe splash my face and brush my teeth.......
  18. TreeJay85

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    Hey guys new to the forum. I am also Canadian. So to read this thread makes me hope that none of you have children in the house with a loded gun. I understand your scared and paranoid of people breaking into your house but would is not make sense to just upgrade your doors and locks instead of risking your childs safety with a loded gun that they could possibly find? How many news stories do you have to hear about kids shooting themselves or others to understand the severity of this. I love guns and my family too but mine is locked up and away. I am man enough to have faith in a good old bat. "one in the pipe and cocked" you Americans are too much.
  19. jshahan

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    The Canuck quickly forgets that he is as safe as he is because of Big Brother (we Americans who are "too much").

    I have a 3 year old and 6 mos old and have found a solution that works for us for now... At night, out and on the nightstand. Dry fire, load mag. He's not even close to strong/coordinated enough to rack the slide (we have him try monthly and it doesn't budge).

    We hit the range enough to feel comfortable racking the slide as the alarm gives us time to "come to".

    For grip consistency/feel, I put small pieces of grip tape on the contact points of my strong hand so I know that my grip is safe, most importantly a pea-sized piece at the index resting position. Every time I handle them (19 & 26), my finger is indexed in that spot so hopefully muscle memory is well trained!

    I also picked up a biometric safe (LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe by LockSAF). While I will use this as the means to keep kids out once they are a little older, I certainly would not trust it or myself in the middle of the night.

    I guess the short answer is [safe] practice, [safe] practice and more [safe] practice!
  20. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum TreeJay85 !!

    Glad to see you enjoy our second favorite past !!