How to spot a hidden handgun

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    Figured I would share...

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    A good visual on stuff that should be unconciously recognized.

    It also mentions a couple of things that I know I'm guilty of...primarily resting my hand on my gun, bracing when running unexpectedly and the jacket hanging unevenly. That also throws me off with concealed carry clothing, especially shirts and jackets. Unless it's an undershirt, if you put a gun in a pocket that's meant for one, on a shirt like 5.11 & Blackhawk make, it doesn't hang evenly. If you balance it out with mags or whatever, then it might hang evenly side to side, but it still doesn't hang the way a shirt of that style should, at least on me. They work fine as cover garments, but I've yet to see one that could adequately carry one.

  3. I honestly find concealment clothing to be pointless. Even if the gun is effectively hidden the clothing still presents a certain style that gives you away.
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    I generally agree, though I don't think these are obvious.

    Now, you do have to wear them closed, or the velcro or snaps will be a dead giveaway. I have other shirts of this style that aren't meant for concealed carry that I can wear open. Most of the time, I can conceal in just a t-shirt, but I have these for when a t-shirt isn't appropriate.

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    Ditto, I just wear "normal" clothes. The special clothes give you away. Some jackets and stuff I see working just fine, but the special pants or shirts just have that look to them...
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    So right! You might as well have open carry if your dressed up like Tactical Ted.
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    "Tactical Ted". Now I feel like designing a tactical clothing line and calling it "Tactical Ted"! :D
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    It's not copyrighted by me. Go for it!
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    Unless you're carrying a full sized, double stack piece that's printing like a neon sign, most people don't know we're carrying. Current and former LEOs, and a lot of CCW holders know what to look for and can spot a concealed carry pretty much every time. The majority can't, mainly because they're not looking for it. MHO, you understand.
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    I totaly agree with donn. I catch my self always looking at people in a croud to see if there packing. Most of the people i know ask me all the time if im packing or not they cant tell.
  11. hmmm very informative, thanks!
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    Same here, I was once over a friends house and the people were dead amazed at how easily I can hide my 27. I had someone once give me a hug and even rub my back while they were on my strong and didn't notice my 23 at all while I was wearing a T-Shirt.
  13. Do you have a link to the original info graphic? When uploading to this site, it gets compressed for size and makes it more difficult to read.

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    No I do not.
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    I carried a .38 snub on my belt for several years running repair calls and no one but my boss and I ever knew. I went into banks, businesses and homes and no one ever had a clue.

    With all the people that OC and say that no one notices that, I'm not worried about anyone puzzling out that I am carrying.
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    That's funny I do the Same thing. My wife the other day was asking me why I was checking out this guy.. She said I looked interested in him LOL. I told her he was carry a firearm it was printing just a little bit at the small of his back. She thought I was checking out his ass!!! After 17 years together think she should know better!!!
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    I do that too catch people printing really bad while in public it it help to make me more aware

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    I get that a lot as well, "what are you looking at" "that guy has a gun" "really?"... Get old after awhile.
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