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Understand your question, and your concern (which is indeed a very real one).

All sales rules are posted in the Classfieds sections (it's a sticky on each subforum), but GlockForum does not offer any protection of any sort, and has nothing to do with the consummation of any sale. This means, unfortunately, that we cannot help anyone if there is a glitch in the sale.

Generally, the payment is made first, and then the item is sent to the buyer. This is how it is with all online purchases.

For firearms that cross state lines, an FFL is needed as receiving agent. If you are close with your FFL, you can have him/her document the FFL on the sending side, and make payment with simultaneous shipping with both FFLs coordinating with each other. But, as you can imagine, this gets complicated.

Paying with PayPal makes sense, because your purchases are protected (and PayPal not only has an ID record of the seller, they take online fraud seriously). I would honestly hesitate using my own credit or debit card online. In fact, I often use a prepaid VISA card just for online purchases: the card account is isolated from my own bank account, and I fund it only when I need to use it.

As with any online buying adventure, the warning caveat emptor always applies (buyer beware). Do your due dilligence, because it is not easy to trust an online username.

Wish you luck!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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