How to Score a USPSA target

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    Understanding the rules for any sport can be confusing. At the end of each stage, you will hear people yelling scores for each target. To the new shooter, it sounds like gibberish. Follow these basic rules and this will keep you in the game and make the match more entertaining.

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    Thanks GR, this is good stuff for the new USPSA shooter. Wish I had seen this 4 years ago when I started shooting USPSA it would have given me a much better idea of what I was doing that first year.

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    One statement I disagree with. "If you shoot at a target and miss both shots you will be assessed a -20 for the two misses and a -10 for FTE". This is not correct. It should be -20 for the misses. As long as the target was shot at there is no FTE penalty. Now if the shooter simply blew by the target without shooting then the FTE would apply.
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    That is correct, Silver. FTE means failure to engage, not failure to hit.