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  1. I see a lot of threads, in which people ask other forum members which Glock they should buy, so I've decided to share some thoughts on the subject. These are my suggestions on how to end up with the right Glock...

    Don't ask anyone else which Glock is best because the number of different answers you get will be as many as the number of people you ask. You really need to make this decision on your own, in order to get the Glock that is best for YOU.

    You need to find a place (gun show, gun store, etc.) where you can pick up and hold all the different Glock sizes to see which frame is the most comfortable in your hands.

    Next, you need to pick a caliber. To do this, you need to fire the different models that are available with the frame that you have chosen, to see which one you feel most comfortable firing and you also need to look at the cost of the ammunition in the different calibers.

    Once you have taken these steps, you will have settled on a specific Glock model and you will be ready to make your purchase.

    So, for the sake of using an example, let's say that a man goes to the gun store, wanting to buy a Glock pistol. He picks up all the frames and decides that the subcompact is the most comfortable for him. Since the subcompact is available on the Glock 26 (9mm) and the Glock 27 (.40), he takes both to the range to try them out. After shooting both, he decides that he really likes shooting the .40 caliber Glock 27. Then he looks at the ammunition prices and decides that, even though he liked the .40, the 9mm is the only one that he can afford to practice enough with. So, for this particular person, the best Glock is the 9mm Glock 26. Keep in mind that this is just an example and that we all will have different likes/dislikes, as well as different budgets.

    Anyway, I hope this post was helpful, especially to those of you who are new to all of this Glock (or other gun) stuff.
  2. The first question one must answer before buying a new gun is: "What will it be used for?" Purchasing a full size gun, while it might be the most comfortable, might well be totally useless to someone who intends to use it as a concealed carry firearm. Whereas, a small, compact, and lightweight gun could be detrimental to one intending to use it in competitive shooting.

    Once you determine the use of the gun you can move on to the other important conditions like:

    Reliability - Well, if you're buying a Glock, this answer is self-explanitory.
    Price - Can you afford new or would used be a better option?
    Caliber - Is the caliber too powerful for you, maybe too weak for your purpose, is the ammunition affordable and readily available?
    Accessories - Are the gadgets and doohickies you want available and affordable for that particular firearm.

  3. That's a great point that I failed to include. Most of the forums that I participate in are just concealed/open carry forums, so I started this thread under the wrong assumption that everyone here wants a Glock for that purpose. Thanks for adding that.

    I actually don't agree with this part. I believe that being able to shoot the gun well is far more important than being able to hide the gun well. This reminds me of the old quote, which asks, "Is your concealed carry gun comforting or is it just comfortable to carry?" As for the competitive shooting, the Glock subcompacts are capable of much greater accuracy and range than most people give them credit for.

    Those, I do agree with. But, since the title of this part of the forum is "What Glock Should I Get," all of the models fit those pretty well.
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    Very well put from the both of you. That should be on the front door of every LGS no matter what grand or type of firearm.
  5. I don't entirely disagree but most people that buy a large, heavy, and uncomfortable gun to use as a concealed carry firearms eventually either replace it with something more comfortable to carry or give up and leave it at home. On the other hand I've heard many people complain about how their gun isn't comfortable to carry because it's too large when they really just need a better holster or belt.
  6. I've found that to be the case with a lot of people too. Some don't realize that the right belt/holster can make all the difference.
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    People will spend $1,000 on the perfect CC gun, but refuse to spend more than $5 on a holster and the same on a belt, then claim they need a $50 vest and pants from 5.11 because their body shape doesn't conceal guns.
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    How do I know what glock should I buy
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    Good post OP. :)

    I wish I had did this when I went to get my first Glock. I bought with a 27 as it was what a guy had for sale. It was accurate and powerful but didn't quite fit my hand and ammo was very expensive(I was used to buying .22LR) so I didn't keep it for very long. Later I got a 19C had the choice between a gen2 19C or gen3 so I went with the newer one. It fit my hand better than the 27 but still wasn't quite right. Ammo was cheap(half the price of 40) but I had accuracy issues and it got sold after I put a few thousand rounds through it. After that I ended up getting a gen2 17 and gen3 19 but had the same accuracy problems. Eventually I ended up getting a gen3 g17 and it fit my hand perfectly also its very accurate. Its a keeper. :)
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    I find it odd that you all have brought up the price point between 9mm and .40 ammo. I'm not sure where you are buying ammo, but you need to find a better place. Even at Walmart, .40 S&W is about $3-$4 more for 100 rounds than 9mm. Sure, that's maybe $4, but it's $4 in the neighborhood of $20-$25. Who cares? A bigger difference between 9mm and .40 is the amount of ammo the magazine carries and the power difference between the calibers. I can't believe no one has brought up those aspects. If you are a gun guy, you are going to have several guns, and each gun is going to be for a specific purpose. If you are NOT a gun guy, you are wanting a single firearm to conceal (maybe), have for defensive purposes around the house, and something that's decent fun to shoot at the range. Go for a Glock 19, a tac light, and have a great platform. Even after all the years I've shot, carried on and off duty, I still have a Glock 19. Eventually you'll decide what gun you like to carry, in the caliber and style that you prefer. Some people choose a slim single stack like a Kahr, and some will sacrifice a little of that thinness to have an extra 4 rounds in the mag. Point is, don't get a Glock 27 in .40, if you aren't buying it for the specific purpose of carrying the gun, you probably are going to wish you would have gotten something else.

    In a round about way, I'm thinking that people who are going to pick up a conceal carry gun, aren't going to ask on a huge forum what to buy, because they already know. On a side note, I don't know of one person who has difficulty shooting the medium frame Glocks. From my 605' sasquatch friend, to my 504' wife. The medium frame just fits. Another benefit is that if one decides they don't like the Glock 19, you can virtually sell it within a couple of days for the same amount of money that you paid for it. Everyone knows the 19 is the most popular entry gun in the world, and for good reason.
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    These are all very valid points. I personally chose the full size Glock 22 for carry. Simply because it has the stopping power, it has high capacity, & I'm 6'2 255lbs with very large hands. The G22 for me is extremely comfortable & sits firm in my hand. The right holster does make a world of difference. But in the end, only an individual can determine what Glock to buy. Always know what u want & drill it into ur head because the clerk may just make suggestions that sound good then u end up paying for something does not meet ur need. I experienced this again last week at Bass Pro but still made my own decision. He tried to get me to buy Taurus over Glock. Dude, seriously? Lol but anyway the only dumb question is an unasked question especially when it comes to guns but only u can make a choice for u!!!!!
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    While to some degree I do agree with your statement as I deal with people daily that this is the case scenario. But there are some people, like my wife, who are so small framed that finding a handgun that is larger than a .22 or .25 to conceal is next to impossible with out special concealment articles. This fact has also eliminated Glocks from her market for concealment purpose.
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    I've heard the statement, "A concealed handgun is carried 99% of the time and shot 1% of the time" so find something that's comfortable... It doesn't do you any good sitting at home... As for me, it's a tool of the trade, so comfort is not always my first choice...

    Given the true choice, I personally would pick the 20.... Lots of power and stops subjects on a dime... But I need a handgun that most people don't.... No retreating here.
  14. Hey, ckuenzer331:

    I also carry a G20 as a duty weapon, can't beat it, the velocity of a 9mm and the knock down power of a .45cal.
    all wrapped up in what is basically a long cased .40cal.
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    I carry a G21, but given the choice, a G20 would be in my holster!! Full penetration and a decent size diameter are both good things! 357 magnum power with 15 + 1 magazine capacity add to the pluses!!!!
  16. learn about it, shoot it, love it, buy it. That's how mine came about.
  17. Absolutely 100% the way to go. Also, listen, you have to stop thinking in term of "it has to be a Glock" or "it has to be a Colt", etc. Too many people are so set on a BRAND name, they do not consider possible options that may work very well for them.

    I follow the premise of "learn about it, shoot it, love it, and buy it. My concealed firearm of choice is the Glock 27. It is very comfortable with my Kramer holster. I carry it at all times. Although a bit more expensive, I like the stopping power of the .40 cal. Now, I also own a HK USP compact. It is equally fantastic to shoot and I appreciate knowing I've got a .45 as an in-home protection firearm. For competition, I use my HK Mark 23. Enough said!

    As previously stated on this thread, you will get way too many opinions if you ask. It comes down to YOU. Do your homework, know what you want from it, hold it, shoot it (A LOT) and then it will be easy to make a decision.
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    I have always thought the .40 is better deal because for a $100.00 you can buy a conversion barrel and have the 9mm version. Maybe I am missing something but that theory has worked so far for me.
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    I love all the glocks. I use a G22 for duty. G30SF for off duty and a G27 as backup. All are great. With any glocks you just can't go wrong.
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    I'm a 5'2" woman of standard frame, and I carry a G27 in my crossbreed supertuck. It's only a wee bit bigger than my Ruger .380 lcp, and a much better self defense weapon. Unless your wife insists on wearing skin tight clothing, she should take a second look at the Glock platform. Good luck to you!