How often should I change night sights?

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    I bought a police trade in g22 gen3 kit to complete my polymer 80 and the night sights barely glow at all, do I need to change them? Do they even get old and go bad? I have no idea when they were installed. Any help appreciated. Thanks. 1518477254302.jpg 20180211_225816.jpg

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    If they’re not glowing than they’re going to be replaced would be my thought process. Don’t care how long they’re suppose to last. Assuming you actually need them in the first place.

  3. ofmbgg26

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    That was my plan I just didn't know if there was something I could do to get a little extra life out of them or if I just had to trash em.
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    Or not put them on and save ammo money.
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    They have a glow in the dark paint you could also put on it
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    I bought my trijicons on amazon for 80 bucks. Have a 12 year warranty. Well, 12 years from manufacture date

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    My LGS will install sights for free purchased in store, otherwise, around $25. Tools can be costly. Facts to consider.
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    Most trijicon\tritium sights have a half life of 12 years meaning they will lose at least half their luminescence at about 12 years and be completely dead within 25 years.
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    Actually, there is nothing you can do to make the sights last longer right now. All tritium lamps, whether in night sights or on something like a watch, start getting dim after about 6-7 years, and really dim at about 10 years. As another poster wrote, you could send them back to Trijicon to get re-lamped. However, you won't have any sights for your weapon for however long it takes them to get around to doing that. If I were you, I'd just buy a new set and install them.
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    I wait until they are noticeably dim. Around 10 years.
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    I have 2 Police trade in model 22's. I keep one on top of my gun safe occasionally and I can see them glowing in the dark. I can't make out the writing on the sights though..